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Our People & Company Culture. Synergis Software.

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Our People & Company Culture

Our People & Company Culture

Synergis Software’s exceptional people and rich culture are our greatest strength, our unique advantage, and our most important asset. They are the heart of our success, and are behind the innovative solutions and extraordinary customer service and support we deliver.

We attract talented, passionate, and committed people who share the essential core values that define our organization: integrity, honesty, quality, customer focus, commitment, passion, and product excellence. We thrive in a flexible and dynamic work environment founded on openness and communication. We embrace diversity, nurture innovative ideas, and encourage every employee to be an active architect of a better organization.

Our commitment to our clients is unwavering. Our greatest reward is contributing true value to your organization and having a direct, positive impact on your success. We realize our own success depends on yours, our commitment to you could not be greater, and we won’t let you down. With almost two decades experience creating, implementing and supporting document management software, we provide you unmatched industry knowledge, expert resources and timely response. Our track record of successful multi-site, enterprise implementations is a tribute to our depth of expertise and experience.

Senior Leadership

David Sharp Todd Cummings Scott Lamond Mark Mahovich


Kristen Tomasic
Janet Kiehart

Bryan Stahley Bonnie Harter
Lynn Eichlin
Kelly Daley

Lisa Cummings   

Solutions Engineers

Chris Fabri Craig Schuler  


Eric Homeier

Rashmi Chinnawar Nikki Brezack Russell Reese
Jeff Newton

Robert Hale John Burke Nick Bogart
Cheryl Shepper



Patricia Heubach Glenda Betit

John Dos Santos Paul Greenbeck
Myra Spengler


Martha Lubow

Barbara White  

Product Management

Joe Gasper Todd Cummings Bill Stamp  

Product Development

Bill Stamp

Chris Kozlusky Gene Sewell Greg Tapler
James Johnson

Juan Matute Scott Cleveland Tim Hodgson
Tony D'Alonzo Aaron Shaub Charlie Smith Steve Ackerman
Ursula Miles Sean Swope    


Pat Webb

Dave Lamond Chris Bayne

Information Systems

Eric Howard Jesse Evens


Michelle Cosgrove

Beth Brzoza Marylee Crecian Sue Fishler
Melissa Cosgrove


Human Resources

Becca Kahle