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Harmonize your workforce.

Get fast, centralized access to your engineering drawings and business documents in a secure, collaborative platform.

Adept ensures the right people have access to the right version at the right time—from anywhere. Automate your workflow processes so they unfold seamlessly, keeping everyone on track and eliminating bottlenecks. With everyone working from one source of truth, you’ll increase efficiency, gain control, and reduce operational risk.

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We have over 2,000 users, representative of 40 different groups. So we're talking about facilities, gas, steam, distribution engineering, substation engineering, transmission engineering. Across the enterprise, not surprisingly, there's a lot of different ways that they do business and that they interact with these drawings. Adept gives us a way to manage it all and keep us aligned.

Bob Burke
Bob Burke Ex Section Chief Con Edison
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ENGINEERING Document Management Platform

A single source of truth.

Adept gives you a central platform that connects people located anywhere with the documents, metadata, and business processes they need. Adept is flexible and easy to scale from workgroups to large global deployments, across dozens of industries, and for hundreds of use cases. Deploy Adept on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

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Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid Options

Deploy Adept in the exact way that works best for your organization.

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Smart Vaulting and Vault Replication

Secure your files without having them held hostage in a proprietary system. Replicate vaults to give remote teams fast, local access.

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Enterprise Scalability

Adept is proven in Fortune 500 implementations that have 50+ global sites, millions of documents, and thousands of users.

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Critical Security Integrations

Adept integrates with Active Directory, SSO, and SSL to simplify user and group administration, automate platform on and off boarding, and improve security.

An immediate 30% gain in workforce efficiency.
Bill Beard
Bill Beard Manager, Engineering Services Agilent
Core ENGINEERING document management capabilities

Simple, powerful engineering information management features that save you time.

Adept delivers complete, easy to use document management capabilities for all of your user roles.

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Fast Document Access

Boost workforce productivity by 20-30%, making it easy for users located anywhere to find the document they need, no matter where it’s stored.

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Version Control for the Complexities of CAD

No more duplicates. Adept manages one master record of each file. Never again will you wonder if you have the latest version. Prior versions are accessible from the master.

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Accessible Metadata

Each document has a data card that displays what’s most important to each user group. CAD and Office properties are automatically extracted from the native file.

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Extensive Audit Trail

Adept maintains a searchable audit trail of each action taken on a document, giving you greater accountability and control.

Workflow, Collaboration, and Transmittals

Collapse time with efficient workflow, collaboration, and transmittals.

Adept makes sure each document automatically moves through the appropriate review and approval steps to ensure your business process is followed and eliminate bottlenecks. With everyone working on the same platform, your collaboration, worksharing and design reviews are simplified. Document transmittal creation and management are made simple.

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Automated Workflows

Build your ideal business process into Adept and we’ll take care of the rest—ensuring each step happens on time, with visibility and notifications.

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Work-sharing Across Global Sites

Optimize resources by sharing project work across sites, ensuring everyone is aligned and has fast local access to information that Adept keeps in sync.

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Design Reviews Made Easy

Accelerate design reviews and feedback with high fidelity viewing, multi-user markup, and approval routing. No CAD license required.

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Transmittal Automation

Easily locate version-correct documents, include reference files, package them up, and automate cover sheet creation. Maintain a record of what was sent.

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CAD Integrations

Empower your CAD users and ensure alignment across the value chain.

Adept is tightly integrated with AutoCAD, Inventor, MicroStation and others. A feature-rich Adept task pane inside the CAD app makes it easy to find and preview files, see file relationships, check in/out, and more. Bi-directional property updating eliminates redundant data entry and simplifies file retrieval. CAD and non-CAD users are connected and aligned.

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Adept Tools Inside Your CAD Application

An Adept interface runs inside AutoCAD and Inventor, delivering the tools and best practices your designers need to stay productive.

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Complex CAD File Relationships Always Intact

Adept keeps complex 2D/3D CAD file relationships intact and displays where-used and composed-of details in a relationship tree.

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CAD Properties Centralized Without Redundant Work

Adept extracts metadata from 2D/3D CAD files so it’s centralized and searchable, eliminating redundant data entry. Push metadata from Adept to CAD files in single or batch mode.

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Design Reuse Simplified

Stop wasting time recreating files from scratch when you can reuse existing designs. Adept makes it easy to find, copy and rename designs for improved efficiency.

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CAD Visualization and Markup

Game-changing design visualization for everyone

Adept gives web and desktop users a single, easy-to-use viewer with markup capabilities for 2D and 3D CAD, Word, Excel, PDF, TIF and more. No need for an expensive CAD license. Versions are accurate, approval processes are automated, and your team is aligned.

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Centralized Viewing for Dozens of Formats

Adept supports viewing of AutoCAD, MicroStation, Revit, Inventor, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Creo, NX, CATIA, Word, Excel, PDF, TIF, DXF, DWF and more.

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Integrated Markup to Simplify Feedback and Design Reviews

Request design changes or provide feedback with complete markup tools in the Adept Viewer.

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Multi-File Visualization

Open multiple documents in the Viewer in side-by-side or grid mode, and switch between them.

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A Viewer Within Your Document Control Platform

Unlike standalone viewers, you get one universal viewer for all your formats, accessible from the platform that keeps versions accurate and everyone aligned.

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Security and Control

Get control of your drawings and the intellectual property they contain.

Protect your digital assets from IP theft and cyber attacks. Improve the level of control you have over document access, and maintain a complete document audit trail. 

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Document Security

Cybercrime costs the world over $6T, and IP theft has cost US companies over $600M, so protecting your digital assets couldn’t be more important.

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Granular Control Over Document Access

For each collection of documents, control who can view, markup, convert to PDF, check in/out, approve, assign, move, rename, and more.

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An Extensive Audit Trail

Adept maintains a searchable audit trail for each action taken on a file so you have insight to improve processes or address concerns.

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Easier Regulator Compliance and System Validation

Compliance issues can cost multiple millions of dollars. Adept reduces your risk of an issue, and makes the process of compliance easier.

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Business system integrations

Easy, limitless connectivity.

Use Adept web services or Adept Integrator to connect your applications and eliminate information silos. Make the most of your IT architecture and automate data flows, eliminate redundant work, and streamline business processes.

Adept IntegratorAdept Integrator features and applications
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Integration Done Your Way

Whether you need a point to point integration solution or an enterprise integration platform, Adept offers dynamic, limitless connectivity options.

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Automatic Data Flows that Eliminate Redundant Work

Keep your applications in sync so that everyone has access to the latest information, regardless of the application they use.

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Automated Business Processes that Span Across Multiple Applications

Put your IT architecture to work by automating business processes that rely on actions or approvals in multiple applications.

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Adept Product Tiers

Adept is available in any combination of four license types, each designed to fit different end-user requirements. Adept is available in named user licenses, concurrent user licenses, or a combination of both.

Named Licenses Concurrent Licenses


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Web-based client for read-only users.

  • Powerful searching and browsing
  • Search on metadata or document content
  • Find files stored anywhere, from anywhere
  • Always find the correct version
  • View and markup 2D/3D CAD, Office, PDF, TIF
  • AutoCAD, SolidWorks, MicroStation, Revit, Inventor, SolidEdge, Creo, Word, Excel
  • View multiple documents concurrently
  • Native file viewing (not a rendition)
  • View metadata/attributes/properties
  • View file relationships
  • View document and workflow status
  • View version history and audit trail


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Explorer plus:

  • Automate manual processes
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Simple or complex workflows
  • Approve, reject, re-route
  • Time-based alerts & notifications
  • Update a document's Data Card
  • Related fields for automated data entry
  • Permission-based upload and download


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Reviewer plus:

  • Check in, check out documents
  • SafeEdit ensures one user edits at a time
  • Prevents duplicates and overwrites
  • Personal and shared work areas
  • Recommended for Office editors and those working with self-contained drawing files


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Desktop-based client, Creator plus:

  • Access to Adept's CAD integrations
  • Adept inside AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks
  • Search, preview, check in/out, view relationships from within CAD
  • Keep CAD relationships intact 
  • Automate document transmittal process
  • Find documents and references fast
  • Automate cover sheet with recipients
  • Route through workflow
  • Maintain record of what was sent
  • Vaulting without scrambling files/folders
  • Vault replication
  • Workflow configuration
  • Granular control of permissions
  • Integration with AD, SSO and SSL
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I like to think about placing a value on a drawing asset in the organization. When they're scattered around and you have total chaos, you don't really consider that an asset. When you bring it into a single entity, then you say, well, this is an asset. That can have some value.

Chris Wood

Adept SME

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