Adept Core Document Management Capabilities

The tools you need to empower your workforce.

Adept is the evolution of 30 years of experience, delivering all the document management capabilities you need from an easy-to-use interface. Explore the foundational features that will empower your workforce and help you accelerate productivity.

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  • Centralize document access
  • Find documents fast
  • Ensure version control
  • Leverage metadata
  • Automate file naming
  • Create file relationships
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Centralize Document Access

Work together as one, from anywhere.

Don’t let document management chaos hold you back. Adept brings your people, documents, data, and processes into alignment and under control, so you can operate with greater efficiency and lower risk.

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Find Documents Fast

Access the right document in seconds, from anywhere.

Users everywhere have instant access to the right document, regardless of its location on your global network. Search based on whatever you know about the document, find it fast, and transform the productivity of your people. 

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Adept’s Powerful Search Tools

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Full text search
Favorites List clipboard icon
Favorites lists
Related Fields Icon
Related fields search
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Metadata search
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Saved search
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Boolean and wildcard characters
File Guide icon
FileGuide data-driven navigation
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Recently used
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Append or Refine a search
Version Control tab on the Adept Document Dashboard
Ensure Version Control

Version control mistakes are expensive. Don’t leave it to chance.

When workers in a plant, on the shop floor, or in the field rely on the wrong document version, personnel safety, asset reliability, and profit margins are at risk. Let Adept automatically make sure versions are properly managed, so your people can act with confidence.

  • circle_check Basic Version Control
  • circle_check Version Control for Plants/Facilities
  • circle_check Major and Minor Revisions
  • circle_check Revision control
  • circle_check Version control for CAD reference files
Leverage Metadata

Deliver centralized access to relevant data about each document.

With Adept, data about each document is centrally managed and accessible to those with permission, helping you improve productivity and gain insights that drive decisions.

  • circle_check Flexible data views
  • circle_check Bi-directional Attribute/Property Links
  • circle_check Related Fields
  • circle_check Data Insights
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Automate File Naming

Create easy to use, error-free naming standards.

Adept makes it easy to create meaningful file naming conventions for any department with powerful and flexible configuration options. Create naming conventions by linking any combination of the following in any order:  

  • Auto-generated number sequence
  • Fixed width placeholders for user-entered text
  • Pre-defined data from drop down lists
  • Delimiters
  • Restricted field data
  • User-entered free text
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Create File Relationships

Connect documents regardless of type so everyone sees the bigger picture.

Easily link a change order or work order to a drawing, or an email communication to a specification or purchase order. Whatever your use-case, Adept makes it easy to create hierarchical relationships between documents of any type and to see them in a “parent-child” tree view.  

Adept also manages reference file relationships for CAD drawings and 3D models, including AutoCAD, MicroStation, SolidWorks and Inventor.

Our customers tell us Adept is easy to use and easy to love. Ready to see for yourself?

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