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Easy, powerful engineering information management with an unmatched customer experience.

Adept Software gives you fast, centralized access to your most important documents in a secure, collaborative environment that saves your business time, reduces risk, and lowers operating costs.

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Battle tested by engineers for over 30 years
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Work together as one, from anywhere.

Align your company on a common platform—a single source of truth that delivers a unified view of engineering and business content.

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Adept software find documents fast with the full text search
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Find documents fast

Empower stakeholders located anywhere to quickly find the right document—regardless of where it’s stored—and improve productivity by 20 to 30%.

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Control versions

Avoid expensive mistakes and safety issues by ensuring your workforce always finds the correct version.

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Automate workflow

Improve efficiency and eliminate bottlenecks by ensuring documents automatically follow predefined approval processes. Notifications and time-based alerts keep everything on track.

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Simplify collaboration

Design reviews and multi-site collaboration are easy with everyone on one platform. Vaults can be replicated so documents are available to everyone locally, and Adept keeps everything in sync.

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Empower CAD Users

Integrate powerful 2D and 3D document management capabilities inside your CAD application, making it easy to find designs, check them in and out, manage complex file relationships, view metadata, and manage versions.

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Enable visualization and markup

Simplify design reviews and approvals with our integrated viewer that supports AutoCAD, MicroStation, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, Solid Edge, Creo, CATIA, NX, DraftSight, Word, Excel, PDF, TIF and more.

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Protect intellectual property

Whether you have thousands or millions of documents, your digital assets are an investment worth protecting. Improve the security of your intellectual property from theft and cyber crime.

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Streamline compliance

Reduce the risk of an expensive industry or government compliance issue, and streamline the compliance process.

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Get data insights

Get a 360 degree view of document, workflow and project status, so you can make the right decision at the right time.

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Trust your engineering information with the best.

Why we’re different...

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We never hold your data hostage.

Adept secures your documents and the intellectual property they contain without sacrificing the intelligence of your folder structure and filenames. Our vaulting system preserves the intelligence you’ve built over years. This stems from a philosophy to never hold your data hostage in a proprietary system, and we’ve found this to be critically important to our customers.

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We treat you like family.

Our mission goes beyond creating the best software. It’s about the experience we deliver and the relationships we build with some of the world’s best companies and the superheroes that make them successful. Find out why we’re so passionate about our customers, and why they love working with us.

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Get service and support beyond expectation.

With 30 years of experience and a culture founded on delivering service beyond expectation, you have an award-winning partner you can trust. Frost & Sullivan named Synergis the Customer Service Leader in the global engineering information management market, and our Helpdesk has been ranked in the top five by Helpdesk International for three consecutive years.

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Synergis is one word: family.  People care about each other.  I can't say enough about the service.  
Brian Evenson Lead Designer Post Consumer Brands, Inc.
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G2 implementation timeframe rankings with Synergis Software being the fastest

Go live faster and accelerate your ROI.

Implementation time with Adept is significantly shorter than with other solutions, allowing you to see your ROI much faster and minimize impact to your productivity.

How do we accomplish this?

  • Relentless R&D focus on ease of setup, legacy data import and ease of use
  • Implementation methods we've refined over decades
  • A caring, expert team working with you from start to finish

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The voices that matter to us most - our customers.

No other software company anywhere works as closely with their customers. The staff is incredibly responsive and consistently goes above and beyond to solve customer issues. For a system your business cannot operate without, this is invaluable.
Ryan Mongeau Director of Technology
Adept manages billions of dollars of digital assets containing priceless Dow intellectual property, with thousands of users across several dozen global sites. Adept is the cornerstone of our digital transformation strategy.
Teresa Yang Product Manager, Document Management
Teresa Yang
I've been in IT for 25 years. I've chatted with thousands of vendors, worked with hundreds of consultants, administered dozens of enterprise software platforms, and the gang at Synergis is my favorite by far. I always—seriously, always —feel like a priority!
Blake Donley System Analyst, IT
Blake Donnely
An immediate 30% gain in user efficiency, coupled with the user's confidence that the system is stable, day in and day out, allows our user community to work more productively.
Bill Beard Manager, Engineering Services Agilent Technologies
"It goes back to thinking of one of our employees working at 3am to troubleshoot an issue. Here speed and accuracy are paramount. They need immediate access to the right version, and Adept gives us that.”
Bob Burke Section Manager
Bob Burke
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Adept Integrator makes it easy to connect Adept and all your applications. Integration is easy, fast and code-free.

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Adept Integrator 2021 features and applications

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