Drawing and Document Management for Energy and Utilities

The drawing control you need to improve reliability and compliance.

Adept gives you centralized access to your most important utility documents in a secure, collaborative platform that aligns engineering, capital projects, field service and operations. With Adept, you’ll increase asset reliability, improve operational efficiency, reduce compliance and safety risk, and lower your costs to operate. 

  • Maintain accurate records of what’s in the field
  • Ensure fast access to the right version
  • Prevent outages, safety issues, and mistakes
  • Empower fast response to emergent failures
  • Minimize compliance risk with NERC and FERC
  • Gain efficiencies in projects and maintenance
  • Simplify collaboration, workflow, and handover
  • Capture tribal knowledge before it's too late
  • Secure your files and maintain and audit trail
  • Leverage CAD and business system integrations
“We provide energy for the 10 million people who live in New York City and Westchester County. That comes with a great responsibility, so risk mitigation is really important. This is why we have our entire infrastructure— all of our drawings— stored in the Adept system. The end goal here is not only to make sure that we're in compliance with NERC and CIP regulations, but anything that can help us improve reliability.”
Donal Fortune
Donal Fortune IT Manager Con Edison

Power Generation

Whether you’re building new generation plants, adding renewable assets, or optimizing existing generation assets, Adept ensures everyone is on the same page, working from a single source of truth, helping you operate and deliver capital projects more efficiently, with higher quality, and lower risk.

Transmission and Distribution

From the plant to your substations to your customers, grid reliability demands and integration of renewable power are driving change. Adept gives you the platform and tools to keep your workforce, documents, and processes in sync. You’ll increase the efficiency of engineering, design and construction, while reducing costs, waste, risks, and delays.  

Water and Wastewater

Water and wastewater utilities must efficiently plan, design, and operate water infrastructure with the highest reliability, under increased regulations, to ensure sustainability at affordable prices. Adept connects disparate teams, speeds access to reliable information, and makes collaboration easy. Operate with lower costs, greater efficiency, and reduced risk.

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When document management becomes a life-critical standard

  • One source of truth for all technical documentation
  • Maintain an accurate record of what's in the field
  • Ensure field markups are communicated back to engineering
  • Deliver accurate information to EPCs to avoid change orders
  • Harmonize as-builts with engineering projects to avoid costly mistakes
  • Drive standardization and best practices to other regions and plants
  • Capture tribal knowledge from a retiring workforce

Common groups using Adept in Utilities

  • Substation engineering
  • Transmission engineering
  • Generation engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • GIS
  • Protection and Controls
  • System Operations
  • Field Service
  • Capital Projects
  • EPC firms
  • Compliance
  • Facilities Management
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Get the right document to the right person at the right time.

  • Ensure fast access to the right information, from anywhere
  • Recover a day per week per person by eliminating wasted time
  • Eliminate duplicates and complex file navigation systems
  • Use full text and metadata search, or browse a flexible tree structure

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Do more with the same resources.

  • Improve efficiency and collaboration so you can focus on what's most important
  • Maintain your growing or aging infrastructure without additional resources
  • Complete more projects with fewer resources in less time
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Automate Workflow chart from document creation to design review to design approval

Simplify collaboration and workflow.

  • Automate manual review and approval processes and eliminate bottlenecks
  • Easily create and manage document transmittals
  • Keep everything on schedule with automated notifications and alerts
  • Simplify design feedback and reviews with a built-in view and markup tool

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Receive high-quality handover documentation, faster.

  • With engineering projects managed by Adept, handover is easier, faster, and of higher quality
  • Startup sooner and have what you need to maintain the plant or facility


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CAD integrations to improve design workflow.

  • Leverage deep integrations with AutoCAD, MicroStation, and Inventor
  • Use Adept inside your CAD tool
  • Extract CAD properties from documents for centralized access and reporting
  • Keep 2D/3D file references intact, and see where-used and composed-of details
  • View and markup dozens of formats without the native CAD software
  • Extract all available text for full text search

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Integrate with ESRI, Maximo, and more to streamline business processes.

  • Give easy access to technical documents related to a geolocation or work order
  • Link engineering to geolocations or work orders from Adept
  • Eliminate redundant data entry and automate data flows
  • Automate work processes across your business applications

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Protect your digital assets.

  • Vault your designs in a safe platform that doesn't scramble your filenames or folders
  • Control user and group access to documents at the level of granularity you require
  • Maintain an extensive, searchable document audit trail

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Make regulatory compliance easier.

  • Reduce the risk of a compliance issue
  • Automate tasks to ensure best practices and standards
  • Increase data integrity
  • Get insight into data, processes, and compliance gaps
  • Centrally manage SOPs and process documentation
  • Streamline audits with organized and available documentation
  • Maintain an extensive, searchable audit trail
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Adept has given us confidence in our data. We've integrated it into all of our design and engineering processes, along with station operations, construction, project management, protection and controls, and more.

Paul Melzen

Director, Substation Engineering

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