Engineering Information Management for Oil and Gas

Improve asset reliability, safety, and performance with centralized document control.

Adept gives oil and gas companies centralized access to engineering documentation in a secure, collaborative platform that aligns maintenance, operations, engineering, and construction across global sites. With Adept, you’ll increase asset reliability and performance, improve efficiency, reduce safety and compliance risk, accelerate engineering projects, and lower operating costs.  

"We manage entire plant documentation for a process plant running 24/7/365. Adept gives us access to current plant conditions, vendor documentation, installation and operating manuals—all available by searching the equipment tag number."
Paul Opiela Document Control Supervisor Aux Sable Liquid Products

  • Drive documentation standards and best practices
  • Ensure fast access to the right version from anywhere
  • Manage engineering change and automate workflow
  • Streamline compliance with industry regulations
  • Get centralized visibility and control of technical documentation
  • Manage, visualize, and markup complex CAD files
  • Simplify project collaboration and handover
  • Secure your documents and maintain an audit trail
  • Integrate GIS, CMMS, and ERP to orchestrate data and workflows
  • Connect engineering, construction, operations, and maintenance

Exploration and Production

Achieve superior production, safety, and reliability of offshore and onshore wells, while reducing overall costs to operate.

Transportation Pipelines

Improve pipeline profitability and safety, while improving efficiency and streamlining compliance.

LNG Processing

Optimize LNG production and lower operating costs with improved asset reliability, fewer safety issues, and more efficient capital projects.


Improve plant operations and capital projects, while reducing the risk of safety and compliance issues. 

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Keep your people and plant safe.

  • Document management is a life-critical standard in oil and gas
  • Harmonize as-built plant documentation with engineering projects so everyone always finds the correct version
  • Improve confidence in your data and reduce costly mistakes
  • Find critical documents located anywhere within seconds
“Managing documents is a life-critical standard. If someone follows an out-of-date procedure or works from an unapproved version, it could result in people being harmed or killed.”
Randy Nettles
Randy Nettles Ex Document Management System Architect, Sr. Software Engineer

Unify your entire value chain.

  • Overcome the chaos of Windows folders and email to align teams, global sites, and EPCs
  • Work from a single source of truth
  • Unleash the power of your data with centralized access, control, and process automation
  • Drive standards and best practices

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Find the right document fast

Get the right version to the right person at the right time.

  • Eliminate duplicates and complex file systems
  • Search a central database to find files fast, from anywhere
  • Increase productivity by 20-30% with powerful search tools
  • Use full text search, metadata search, or browse a flexible, metadata-based tree structure

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Version Control tab on the Adept software Document Dashboard
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Automate Workflow flow chart from document creation to design review to design approval

Manage change and automate workflows.

  • Crush the bottlenecks and delays from manual workflow methods within a complex asset lifecycle and large workforce
  • Rely on Adept to orchestrate and automate workflows, change management, and approvals
  • Keep everything on schedule with automated notifications and time-based alerts

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Visualization and markup for easy design reviews.

  • Deliver a centralized, easy-to-use view and markup experience for 2D and 3D CAD, Word, Excel, PDF, and more.
  • Review documents, author comments, and add redlines
  • Combined with a built-in workflow engine, review and approval has never been easier.
  • No CAD licenses required.

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Workshare and collaborate across geographies.

  • Easily distribute your project workload to teams in other geographies
  • Give everyone visibility and access to the information they need
  • Replicate document vaults so everyone works locally, while Adept keeps everything in sync

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Streamline transmittals.

  • Transmittal forms are customizable to your environment
  • Search and select transmittal documents from Adept’s controlled environment
  • Include or exclude related files with a simple check box
  • PDF or zip your transmittal and send
  • Adept maintains a relationship between your transmittal document and all version-specific documents, easily viewable in a relationship tree view

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graphic of a package in between a handshake

Accelerate project delivery and speed handover.

  • Deliver projects to operations faster with centralized document organization, access, control, workflow, and collaboration
  • Poorly executed handover leads to safety risks and inefficient operations
  • Document metadata can be easily reviewed before critical handover dates for missing metadata, inconsistencies, and incompleteness

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Manage complex CAD files from multiple systems.

  • Leverage deep integrations with AutoCAD, MicroStation, and Inventor
  • Use Adept tools right inside your CAD tool
  • Extract CAD properties for centralized access and reporting
  • Keep 2D and 3D references intact and view where-used and composed-of details
  • Extract all available text for full text search

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security lock graphic overlapping documents

Security, control, and traceability for your digital assets and intellectual property.

  • Ensure the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of your data
  • Vault your designs in a safe environment that doesn’t scramble file and folder names
  • Control user and group access to documents at the level of granularity you need
  • Maintain an extensive, searchable document audit trail

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Streamline regulatory compliance.

  • Speed through audits with clear document organization and availability
  • Reduce the risk of a compliance issue
  • Increase data quality
  • Maintain an extensive, searchable audit trail
  • Centrally manage standard operating procedures (SOPs) and process documentation

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web chart with Compliance at the center connecting to Privacy, Password Authentication, Law, Policies, Regulations, and Transparency

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Orchestrate data flows and business processes that span your applications.

Adept Integrator makes it easy to connect your applications and eliminate information silos.

Integrate your way.

Whether you need a point-to-point integration solution or an enterprise integration platform, Adept offers dynamic, limitless connectivity options.

Streamline business processes across multiple applications.

Put your IT architecture to work by automating business processes that rely on actions or approvals in multiple applications.

Integrate your way.

Whether you need a point-to-point integration solution or an enterprise integration platform, Adept offers dynamic, limitless connectivity options.

It's time get control of your engineering information and align your teams on one source of truth. 

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