Engineering Document Management and Workflow for Mining

Orchestrate mining projects with greater efficiency, safety, and reliability from pit to port.

Mining projects and operations are complex and require efficient coordination internally and externally. Adept gives you centralized access to project, engineering, construction, and operations documents in a secure, collaborative environment that aligns your entire value chain. With Adept you have the tools and automation you need to deliver projects on time, reduce safety risk, streamline compliance, increase reliability, improve performance, and lower operating costs.  

"Adept manages every drawing needed for us to build a plant site. We can track every wire, every piece of gravel and concrete, all locations, radioactive sources, you name it. Everything that is secure on the plant site that has a drawing is managed within Adept."
Adept Administrator The Mosaic Company
  • Drive documentation standards and best practices
  • Ensure fast access to the right version from anywhere
  • Manage engineering change and automate workflow
  • Streamline compliance with industry regulations
  • Get centralized visibility and control of technical documentation
  • Manage, visualize, and markup complex CAD files
  • Simplify project collaboration and handover
  • Secure your documents and maintain an audit trail
  • Integrate GIS, CMMS, and ERP to orchestrate data and workflows
  • Connect engineering, construction, operations, and maintenance

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One source of truth.

Essential to higher performing mining projects is breaking down silos that cause delays, budget overruns, and costly mistakes. Adept gives you a centralized platform for document access and control that aligns everyone, automated workflows, simplified collaboration, and visibility across the project lifecycle.

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  • Centrally manage project documentation so it’s accessible, secure, and traceable
  • Manage communications with EPCs, such as transmittals, bid packages, and requisitions
  • Centrally manage and control change
  • Reduce risk of unplanned downtime and safety issues
  • Drive standardization and best practices across your entire mining business
  • Simplify visibility to project data for improved decision making
  • Connect engineering, construction, maintenance, and operations across mining sites, processing plants, and transport
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Get the right document to the right person at the right time.

  • Recover a day per week per person by eliminating time wasted searching for information
  • Ensure fast access to the right information, from anywhere
  • Automate version control
  • Eliminate duplicates and complex file systems that drain productivity and cause mistakes
  • Use full text search, metadata search, or browse a flexible, metadata-based tree structure

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More than four out of five mining projects come in late and over budget, by an average of 43 percent.

— McKinsey & Company

Streamline project workflow and collaboration.

Workshare and collaborate across geographies.

Easily distribute your project workload to teams in other geographies, while giving everyone visibility and access to the information they need. Replicate document vaults so everyone works locally, while Adept keeps everything in sync to ensure version accuracy, and maintain a complete audit trail.

Simplify internal and supplier design reviews.

Adept delivers a centralized, easy-to-use view and markup experience for 2D and 3D CAD, Word, Excel, PDF, and more. Teams can review documents, author comments, and add redlines from a single interface. Combined with a built-in workflow engine, review and approval has never been easier. No CAD licenses required.

Streamline transmittal management.

Simplify the process of finding files, validating versions, tracking down references, creating cover sheets, packaging, sending, and maintaining an auditable record for your transmittals. Adept helps you free up resources for more valuable work.

Automate workflow and approval processes.

Keep projects on track by ensuring each document flows through the correct review and approval process at the right time. Email notifications and time-based alerts keep everyone on schedule and  eliminate bottlenecks. 

Support concurrent engineering.

Asset-driven environments are in a constant state of change.Employees in the field need fast access to as-built documentation, while concurrent engineering projects are happening. Adept ensures everyone has access to the right information from anywhere.

Accelerate project handover.

Poorly organized and executed handover of drawings, technical documents, and data leads to safety risks, inefficient operations, and increased costs. Adept keeps your asset information organized, accurate, and controlled so handover is efficient and accurate.

Ensure handover metadata quality compliance.

Don’t wait for project handover to discover missing metadata, data inconsistencies, and incompleteness. Document metadata can easily be reported and reviewed before the critical handover dates are imminent.

Ease reporting for document controllers.

By managing your project deliverables in a single place, tracking what’s been started, completed, and yet to be done becomes easier. Using place-holder records for expected project documents, you can attach files as they are created.

Share and manage project best practices.

Adept is the perfect repository to control and share project best practices so team members stay aligned.

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CAD integrations to streamline design.

  • Leverage deep integrations with AutoCAD, MicroStation, and Inventor
  • Use Adept inside your CAD tool
  • Extract CAD properties into Adept for centralized access and reporting
  • Keep 2D and  3D file references intact and see where-used and composed-of details
  • View and markup dozens of formats without the native CAD software
  • Extract all available text for full text search

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Protect your digital assets and intellectual property.

  • Ensure the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of your data
  • Vault your project documents and designs in a safe and secure environment 
  • Control user and group access to documents at the level of granularity you need
  • Maintain an extensive, searchable document audit trail

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Make regulatory compliance easier.

  • Reduce the risk of a compliance issue
  • Streamline audits with organized and available documentation
  • Automate tasks to ensure best practices and standards
  • Get insight into data, processes, and compliance gaps
  • Centrally manage SOPs and process documentation
  • Maintain an extensive, searchable audit trail

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