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Albert Lamaute – Making every day better than the last!

Kristen Tomasic

Kristen Tomasic

This month’s employee spotlight is on Albert Lamaute (pronounced La-mote), our Manager of Project Management. Albert joined Synergis two years ago as our lead PM and oversees our Project Management team responsible for the successful execution of all projects for Synergis Software and our Engineering Design Solutions group. In his role, Albert meets with clients to kick off projects, work through the scheduling of all assignments and resources, handles issue resolution, and communicates with all project stakeholders to ensure everyone is on the same page.  

Albert graduated from Rutgers College of Engineering with a major in Electrical Engineering and is a Certified PMP (Project Management Professional), so he is no stranger to engineering focused project management responsibilities.   Albert’s calm and patient demeanor make him perfect for this role. We often say his superpower is managing through any challenge with grace, confidence, and a strong sense of empathy all while de-escalating the situation and finding a solution that works for all parties.

Albert believes our Synergis Values play a huge role in everyone’s success. His favorite value is #10. Celebrate Your Mistakes.   “It is not something I have seen from other companies. This really speaks to me on what type of environment Synergis tries to create. It says they appreciate their team, understand mistakes will happen, but are more concerned with growing from those mistakes. I feel this encourages people to innovate and try new things.”

Albert and his wife, Aimee, have three beautiful children: Brendan, Kaylin and Liam, along with several black cats (Panther, Kirby and Bob). They also cherish a pet garden snake named Stormy and a frog named Packer. In their free time, they enjoy playing board games and they look forward to yearly visits with good friends from Massachusetts who share their love of board games – new and old. Albert is also a big fan of sci fi movies, especially those where the main character is stuck repeating the same day over and over, so you can probably guess that his favorite movie is Ground Hog Day.   He made sure his whole family saw this movie (at least once)!  

One of the most important things he learned this past year is to always appreciate life. Sadly, Albert’s sister-in-law, Michele, passed away last year. In her honor, her family set up the “Be the Sunshine Ferris Family Scholarship.” Donations help children in need of adaptive equipment and devices and their first annual fundraising campaign is a Scholarship Walk on November 6.

Albert’s advice: “Enjoy every day and always make the most of the time you have. I have seen a few family and friends pass away this past year. It reinforces how important it is to live in the moment and be thankful for what you have.”  

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