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Employee Spotlight:  Lynn Eichlin – Everything else is Peanut Butter on a Rice Cake!

Kristen Tomasic

Kristen Tomasic


We are pleased to honor Lynn Eichlin this month in our Employee Spotlight!   Lynn joined Synergis 14 years ago and started in our Autodesk reseller business (Synergis’ Engineering Design Solutions division) as a Customer Service Representative. Lynn transitioned to Synergis Software to work with our proprietary software sales team in a similar role, and then was promoted to Account Manager a few years later.

Lynn is passionate about helping businesses work more efficiently and lower their risk with the help of Adept engineering document management software. She believes all clients are different in what they need and how we can help in a continuously changing world of technology.

Lynn’s superpower is cultivating relationships and learning about a company’s goals to determine the best path forward. She finds it very rewarding to see the puzzle pieces come together and to delight a customer with our products, services, and support. “Our clients’ success is our success, so it just makes sense. Working for Synergis is never boring or monotonous!”

Lynn resides in Bucks County with her daughter, Emily, and her dog, Sandi, a Sheba/hound mix. She and Emily spend countless hours working at the local food pantry as “shoppers,” providing the grocery items to the customers, sorting donations and stocking shelves. When not working or donating her time, Lynn likes to weight train (you will often find her in our office gym) and loves early morning runs. Exercise is a way of life for her and she always makes time for it.   In 2015, Lynn completed a bucket list item by training for and entering a body building competition. She found it incredibly helpful to learn how to eat for fuel, for muscle growth, and for overall health.

For Lynn, the pandemic has provided a new awareness: “Life does not need to be complicated. During lockdown, it became apparent that living a simpler life was less stressful. I already have what I need; what is important is family and time. Time to reflect, to appreciate, and to be happy and content. And anything else that comes along is just gravy! Or in my case, peanut butter on a rice cake!”

When asked about our Synergis Family Values, Lynn had this to say, “Communicate with Empathy and Humility is my favorite value. Part of being a good human is to listen to others as they want to be heard and be supportive within our ability, and to be humble in recognizing that we are always growing and evolving, mentally and physically.” We’re very fortunate to have this good human on this Synergis team!

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