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History. Synergis Software.

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Synergis Software, A Division of Synergis Technologies, LLC has a rich history of innovation and growth dating back to 1985 when President and CEO, David Sharp, III, Synergis Software Director of Sales, Janet Kiehart and Adept creator and Chief Architect, Bill Stamp founded the company.

In our early days as an Autodesk Value Added Reseller, our AutoCAD clients began to transition from the drawing board and hardcopy print rooms to electronic CAD documents. The challenges they encountered with electronic drawing management and version control prompted us to engineer the first document management system for AutoCAD in 1988. In 1989, we released a shrink-wrapped version we called simply, “Synergis Drawing Manager.”

In 1991, we released the first version of “Synergis Network FileManager,” supporting numerous document types on both Sun UNIX and DOS platforms, and in 1995, we released a Windows 32 bit version. The product has evolved significantly since then, and in 2001, Synergis Software became a separate division and has since grown from a team of seven employees to more than 50.

Our sister division, Synergis Engineering Design Solutions, is one of the premier Autodesk solution providers in the United States, specializing in manufacturing, infrastructure, building, and educational solutions in the mid-Atlantic region.