Remote Adept Administration

Put experienced Adept experts to work for you.

Outsource the day-to-day application management and administration of Adept to experienced technical experts to keep your resources focused on what’s most important to your business. Our managed services will help keep your Adept environment optimized and lower your operating costs.


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What you can expect from Remote Adept Administration.

  1. A one-to-one relationship with an technical Adept expert who will serve as your primary Adept administrator or support existing Adept administrators.
  2. Your Adept technical expert will take the time to understand your business goals, technical requirements, implementation scope, geographic considerations, and will put together a plan that ensures success. 
  3. Ongoing complete Adept application management and administration services from the same technical experts who have deployed Adept all over the world, so your resources can remain focused on what’s most important to your business.  
  4. Frequent communication to align on priorities, respond to time-critical needs, and strategize on optimizing the value Adept can bring to your organization.
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What responsibilities are covered by Remote Adept Administration?

Your technical Adept expert can take on a full range of application management and administration services to ensure your system is configured properly, performing optimally, and delivering value for your business. Regular meetings to align on priorities will dictate their focus, and some of the tasks they may be responsible for include:

  • All system configuration
  • Metadata quality optimization
  • CAD and MS Office integration support
  • User training and best practice deployment
  • Software upgrades 
  • Troubleshoot user issues
  • Create replicated environment for development and testing


  • New feature configuration and rollout
  • Maintain Adept database
  • System maintenance, updates, and backups with verification

Remote Adept Administration service offerings.

Remote Adept Administration services are available in three tiers:





Resource Staffing: Experienced Application Consultant for up to 8 hours per week Experienced Application Consultant for up to 20 hours per week Experienced Application Consultant for up to 40 hours per week
Setting: Remote Remote Remote
Onsite Visit: Optional Optional One week per year
Timeframe: Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing
Price: $4,500 per month, billed annually $9,500 per month, billed annually $16,000 per month, billed annually


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Optional server hosting.

Combine Remote Administration with the outsourcing of a complete Adept server environment hosted, managed, and monitored by Synergis Software.  With Adept server hosting, you will free up IT resources, lower operating costs, improve security, and ensure disaster recovery. 

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