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Adept Proactive Services

Adept Proactive Services

Synergis offers two Proactive Services programs that complement your Adept Annual Maintenance program to help you realize maximum value from your Adept investment.

The Adept Annual System Health Check is the best way to ensure your enterprise data and document management solution is running optimally. Highly qualified Synergis Software experts will evaluate your system every year to ensure it is running efficiently, reliably, securely, and at peak performance. The Health Check will help identify any potential weaknesses in your system prior to a serious issue. And because we’ve run into situations where some of our clients thought they were backing up their Adept data, only to find that they were not, we’ll verify your Adept backup and disaster recovery procedures are effective.

The Adept Process and Utilization Assessment is designed to ensure your Adept implementation is in alignment with your most important business initiatives, and to identify opportunities for significant improvement in organizational efficiency, process improvement and enterprise collaboration. The assessment will identify opportunities to take advantage of key Adept features and capabilities you already own to maximize value to your organization and return on investment.