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Top Ten Blog Articles of 2019

Randall S. Newton

Randall S. Newton

Throughout the year Synergis Software shares how Adept users find strategic value in the product, and to improve your existing Adept installation. Some of these articles seem to be more popular than others; we think of them as our Top Ten. In 2019, here are the blog posts that you found to be the most valuable:

#10: 3D Printing Dives into Serial Manufacturing Production

For a generation, 3D printing has gradually gained acceptance as a useful tool in product development and manufacturing. More recently manufacturers have begun creating end-use parts. Now companies are starting to look beyond prototyping toward serial production. Details:

#9: The Goldilocks Approach to Data Management

One size fits all? Not in the fairy tale and not in data management. Let Adept right-size how you control, access, and share engineering data. Details:

#8: The Top 11 Mistakes to Avoid During Engineering Document Management System Implementation, Part 2

Engineering document management system installation isn’t rocket science, but it also isn’t as simple as downloading a smartphone app. Successful implementation requires planning. In this part 2 of a series, the installation experts at Synergis Software share their ideas on what to avoid when implementing Adept. Details:

#7:  The Dirty Little Secrets of Engineering Document Management

Every software product on the market has strengths and weaknesses, including engineering document management systems. For enterprise-class systems, it takes work for a buyer to sort through the capabilities and compare them to what the company needs. Engineering companies often compare PDM, PLM, and EDM products before making a decision. There are flaws and limitations that the product vendors don’t reveal. Like the right pose for a photo, companies do their best to avoid revealing those “dirty little secrets.” Details:

#6: 5 Reasons to Join the Adept Community Forum

Adept users love to connect with each other. Attendees at the annual Adept Experience conference say meeting other Adept users is the best part of the event. So Synergis has launched an online community forum to keep the sense of community going year round. 

#5: How to Identify the Need for Software Integration Solutions

Enterprise integration — where separate systems are connected to ease data flow — get a bad rap for being burdensome, expensive, and overly complicated. The key is to identify small, manageable steps that offer immediate benefit. Synergis offers three meaningful ways to find and solve nagging integration problems. Details:

#4: Frost & Sullivan Honors Synergis Software with Global Customer Service Award

Synergis Software users are a wonderfully loyal bunch. Once they get Adept deployed, they always seem to find new ways to take advantage of the software. This loyalty has caught the attention of Frost & Sullivan, who awarded the company a Global Leadership Service Award for Engineering Information Management. The award cites the company’s “strong overall performance, focus on customers, and long-standing commitment to the engineering information management solutions market.” Details:

#3: PDM and the Truth about Multi-CAD Support

Written in 2016 but still current and popular, this article explains the ins and outs of supporting a variety of CAD formats as part of engineering documentation management. The average engineering company uses 2.7 different CAD systems. According to one independent analyst, 46% of engineering professionals find it hard to get the right information quickly, and more than one-third say they have passed along outdated information by mistake. Details:

#2: Three Tips for Crushing Information Silos at Work

“Silo” is enterprise software slang for disconnected information servers. When information is not openly and consistently shared in an organization, it wastes employee time and prevents companies from being competitive. In this informative article, Brian Cristiano, CEO and Founder of BOLD Worldwide shares three tips for crushing information silos. Details:

#1: Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid during EDM Implementations, part 1

Up above we listed part 2 of this article, and added an 11th mistake. Here’s part one, filled with tips and tricks to help make an Adept installation go smoothly. Details:

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