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Frost & Sullivan Honors Synergis Software with Global Customer Service Award for Engineering Information Management

Randall S. Newton

Randall S. Newton

Over the years Synergis Adept users have been very loyal to the company. They expand their use of Adept as their company grows, and keep finding new ways to take advantage of Adept as their engineering information management requirements become more sophisticated. Three times Synergis has been recognized as a leader in customer support from Helpdesk International (HDI), and rated #5 in the HDI’s Global Elite 50. Now another independent evaluation company has noticed Synergis. Frost & Sullivan has awarded Synergis Software its 2018 Global Customer Service Leadership Award for Engineering Information Management, citing the company’s “strong overall performance, focus on customers, and long-standing commitment to the engineering information management solutions market.”

“Synergis Software takes a hand-on, partnership approach with its customers,” notes the Frost & Sullivan award announcement. “From initial planning to implementation through to training and support, Synergis Software helps companies get up and running quickly, limiting impact on customer resources, and providing immediate measurable value.”

Frost & Sullivan defines customer service leadership by two macro-level categories, Quality of Customer Service, and Customer Impact. In each category analysts independently evaluate companies using a set of key criteria. The results are evaluated with a Decision Support Scorecard. The scorecard for the Engineering Information Management award compared three leading companies in the space. On a scale of 1 to 10 in each category, Synergis received two nines for an overall score of 9.0; the two competitors got an overall rating of 7.5 and 7.0.

The implementation of a departmental or enterprise engineering information management system “involves coordinating multi-departmental, multi-regional, multi-site companies and their tens to hundreds of thousands to millions of documents,” notes Frost & Sullivan in its overview of the industry. “Getting a typical installation to under three weeks speaks to the company making customer time-to-value one of its core values.”

Frost & Sullivan also notes that Synergis is built around delivering an outstanding customer experience from initial sales contact all the way through to customer support.

“Time to value is important for our customers and it is a direct outcropping of our company culture,” notes Todd Cummings, vice president of Research and Development. “One of our values is serve and support beyond expectations. And in a world where companies are used to setting up enterprise solutions in months and we're able to look a customer squarely in the face and honestly say ‘hey we can get you up and running in weeks’, that's an incredible statement that we're able to back up.

Watch this video to learn more about the Synergis Software customer experience.

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