What's New in Adept

Adept FALL '22 is a momentous release that includes an all-new, Synergis-developed visualization and markup solution, replacing the OEM viewer previously offered. The release also includes support for Autodesk 2022, SOLIDWORKS 2022 and hundreds of customer-requested enhancements and fixes.

We developed this solution because the Viewer is a primary and essential interface and collaboration medium between users and their documents in Adept. We wanted to take control of your experience including usability, performance, quality, features, and timely support for new versions of CAD software.



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All New Adept Viewer

The new Adept Viewer is feature rich and will help you be more productive out of the gate. Here are a few highlights, with more details below:

  • Absolutely no Java required!
  • Support for the formats you require, from Office documents to 2D and 3D CAD
  • Improved user experience, fidelity, and performance
  • Multi-user markup creation and management
  • PDF creation & viewing
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Visualization and Markup

Game-changing design visualization for everyone

The new viewer includes support for more recent versions of CAD that are integrated with Adept, including AutoCAD 2022, Inventor 2022, and SOLIDWORKS 2022. Most file formats previously supported in the OEM Viewer are supported in the Adept Viewer, including those mentioned above as well as MicroStation, PTC Creo, Siemens Solid Edge, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, ZIP, and more.

The New Adept Viewer is loaded with features users have come to expect in previous Adept Viewing solutions, and there are many new capabilities. Here are some of the highlights of the new Viewer:

  • Built with the latest technologies
  • A simplified user experience for an easier learning curve and faster adoption
  • Increased fidelity with several file formats
  • Improved performance in several areas
  • Support for local Work Area viewing in Adept Desktop, Creator, & CAD Task Panes
  • View multiple documents at the same time in desktop and web clients
  • Tiled and Thumbnail views of open documents
  • Saved views
  • Intelligent selection and zooming
  • Converts many redlines from the OEM viewer to new Adept Viewer markups
  • Automatic viewer updates without requiring reinstallation of the Adept client (admin defined)
  • Enhanced model and object properties
  • Advanced caching engine
  • And much more!

Increased security to keep your data safe.

This Adept version includes specific improvements and enhancements designed to increase overall solution security. These improvements further harden Adept against malicious attacks solution-wide across all platform components including the Desktop Client and Adept Server, Web Server, Desktop Client, Web Clients, and PublishWave. Solution security has been tested and validated by an independent, third-party security agency.

  • Option to enable FIPS approved encryption
  • TLS1.2 (Transport Layer Security) support
  • MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) login via SSO (OpenID connect supported; SAML 2.0 not currently supported)

Addressing the needs of the Adept Community.

This release includes more than 400 enhancements addressing customer-reported issues and requests, all of which increase Adept stability, reliability, and overall user experience.


Adept has a new licensing mechanism.

Please note that the licensing mechanism changed significantly in 11.0.4 which requires a new Authorization Code. If you are upgrading to this release from an Adept version older than Adept Fall ’21 (11.0.4), a new authorization code is required. If you are upgrading from Adept Fall ’21 (11.0.4), you are not required to update your authorization code.

Upgrading to Adept FALL '22

Getting expert help with an upgrade to the Adept FALL ’22 release is one way to ensure a straightforward, hassle-free experienceNow’s the time to learn about the upgrade packages so you can budget for it if you’d like our help.

Our Adept FALL ’22 Upgrade Service Packages are designed to address the version of Adept you are running, whether you have one or two environments (production and sandbox), and whether you are using our advanced security features (SSL/SSO).

Watch the short video to the right to learn more about the upgrade packages, along with update and new user training.

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Web Clients can now view multiple documents.

The new Adept Viewer allows users to view multiple documents in a single session.


Adept Creator can now view local documents.

The new Adept Viewer allows users to view multiple documents in a single session.The new Adept Viewer enables users to view local Work Area documents.


User, Group, Library Administration dialog.

We have added a few key enhancements to enable changes to a selection set of Users, which will aid in tasks such as when using Active Directory Bulk Import. You can now assign the appropriate Adept client to more than one user at a time to complete necessary deployment settings more efficiently.


AFS can now send error state email notifications to Admins.

AFS can now be configured to automatically send messages to one or more designated Adept administrators when an error occurs, either within AFS, as in the case of a file size mismatch, or from the operating system.


Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Support.

This release adds support for the Microsoft Windows Server 2022 server operating system. Please review the Adept System Requirements for more details regarding this and other System Requirements changes.


Apache Tomcat no longer required.

Apache Tomcat is no longer required on the Web Server to run the web version of the viewer.


Enabling SSL on the web server is required.

Since the new Adept Viewer no longer requires Java or Apache Tomcat, configuring the Adept Web server to use SSL is significantly easier than previous versions, and no longer requires Synergis assistance. Synergis recommends commercial SSL certificates obtained from a trustworthy certificate authority


Support for Autodesk 2022 products.

Adept PublishWave FALL ‘22 provides support for AutoCAD 2022 and Inventor 2022. Supporting the latest versions of the Autodesk products allows your users to upgrade their CAD versions while maintaining compatibility with Adept PublishWave.


Support for SOLIDWORKS 2022.

Adept PublishWave FALL ‘22 provides support for Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS 2022. Supporting the latest versions of SOLIDWORKS allows your users to upgrade their CAD versions while maintaining compatibility with Adept PublishWave.


Support for Microsoft Office 365 Word and Excel.

Adept PublishWave  FALL ’22 provides support for Office 365 Word and Excel. Supporting the latest versions of Microsoft products allows your users to upgrade their Office versions while maintaining compatibility with Adept PublishWave.

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