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Visualize, Markup & Compare Overview

Visualize, Markup & Compare Overview

Each license of Adept includes and is tightly integrated with Oracle’s AutoVue enterprise visualization software, the premier solution for enterprise-wide viewing, markup and compare. Adept provides native support for up to 450 formats including 3D CAD parts & assemblies, 2D CAD drawings, EDA PCB/IC layouts & schematics, scanned & raster documents, vector documents, office documents and graphics documents.

With Adept, stakeholders across the extended enterprise can access critical data and provide feedback at all stages of the design process and project lifecycle, reducing communication barriers and project costs while accelerating project completion times. Engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, sales, marketing, finance, procurement, clients, contractors and suppliers can access and collaborate on documents, improving quality, avoiding costly errors, and reducing time to market.

With Adept’s built-in enterprise visualization capabilities, organizations can easily:

  • Provide team members with instant visualization of up to 450 supported file types
  • Present detailed technical information to the people who need it most, without requiring those users to have the native application on their desktop
  • Save significant money by not having to invest in expensive 2D or 3D CAD licenses for users who need to visualize, markup, compare, or print documents
  • Eliminate the risk of unwanted edits by having individuals use Adept’s visualization software rather than the native editing application
  • Standardize design review and trouble shooting processes
  • Eliminate the need to create and manage separate, converted documents for view only access by leveraging existing native documents
  • Streamline communication and collaboration with supply chain partners