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Advanced Markup Capabilities

Advanced Markup Capabilities

Adept’s built-in markup and annotation capabilities allow team members to collaborate on digital product or project information. Team members can communicate feedback, change requests, comments, and instructions in an effective and timely manner, through markups and real time collaboration.

Markups are created as separate documents which are tracked and maintained in Adept’s database, making them available to other connected users. This greatly facilitates communication and collaboration between team members. Through markups and annotations, users can capture design feedback, change requests, and ECOs.

  • Adept saves markups independently of the associated document, preserving the integrity of the original information
  • Define multiple markup layers, per markup file
  • Turn markup layers on and off as needed
  • Export markup documents to DXF format for easy merging with CAD drawings
  • Print markups and watermarks along with the document, for greater control of paper output
  • Utilize Adept’s comprehensive selection of markup entities, line, shape, graphical and textual markup entities, as well as OLE objects
  • Easily point-and-click edit and resize markup entities
  • In-place editing of markup entity properties, such as line weight, style and color; text font, size and color; text strings and captions
  • Sticky Note Editor: import and export content, with a full complement of text attributes, paragraph formatting, and clip-board functions
  • Organize symbol markup entities in symbol libraries with browse, preview, and drag-and-drop symbols from libraries onto the active markup layer. All graphical formats supported by Adept’s viewer can be imported into existing or new symbol libraries.

Markup Entities
Adept provides a comprehensive set of markup entities that allow users to collaborate on hundreds of different file formats by adding graphical or textual information to a document and without altering a file’s original content.


2D and EDA Markup Entities

  • Arc – draws an arc
  • Box – draws an outlined box
  • Circle – draws an outlined circle
  • Cloud – draws a closed multi-lobed cloud shape
  • Filled Box – draws an opaque filled box
  • Freestyle Draw – draws a continuous irregular line that follows the path of the cursor
  • Highlight – draws a transparent filled polygon in the current selected color
  • Leader – draws an arrowhead connected to a polyline and associates it with text
  • Text – creates text directly viewable on the loaded document
  • Line – draws a straight line
  • Polyline – draws a broken multi-segmented line, composed of two or more connected straight lines
  • Sticky Note – include large textual markups in sticky notes with full text editor capabilities
  • Symbol – inserts a symbol from a symbol library.
  • Measurements – Measurements on a part or assembly can be saved in a markup and rotated with the model.

3D Markup Entities

  • Precise Measurement Markups: Adept allows users to precisely measure a part or assembly and include that measurement as a markup entity. Measurements are anchored to points on any part or assembly and rotate along with the model. The text and measurements always face the screen.
  • Arc: Precisely measure and add to the markup file any elliptic or 3-point arc.
  • Angle: Precisely measure and add to the markup file the angle between any vertices, lines, edges, faces or planes
  • Vertex Coordinates: Precisely measure and add to the markup file the coordinates of a vertex
  • Text: Annotate a model with text and anchor it by a leader to any point on a part or assembly
  • Sticky Notes: Include large textual markups in sticky notes with full text editor capabilities and anchor them to points on the model