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Why Customer Reviews Matter & G2’s Fall 2020 Rankings

Martha Lubow

Martha Lubow

The best part of my job is connecting with customers—whether it’s a quick hello or a deeper dive into how they’re using Adept. In every call, I hear genuine stories about Adept’s role in achieving revenue goals; how it serves as the hub in an essential global document management rollout; or how Adept is praised as the easiest enterprise software to use, setup, and implement in the corporate tech stack.

These customer stories also inform us about what we are doing well and where we need to improve. They reward us with an understanding of our undeniable role in a company’s growth strategy, and how important it is that we get it right. 

Customer reviews serve a similar purpose for us, providing incredible insight to what matters most to our clients, what they need to see us do different, and what they love about what we’re already doing.

And for the potential customer doing their research, they add transparency to the buying process. Nearly all of us consult reviews and testimonials to determine whether or not they trust a product, service, and company. In fact, buyers read seven reviews on average before deciding to trust a business.

So, imagine our delight and honor to be named a “Leader” by the prestigious G2 Crowd review site in the Fall 2020 Grid Reports, with 21 top placements in the rankings.

The reports, which are based on real customer reviews, highlight Adept’s leadership in “ease of use”, “ease of setup” “fastest implementation”, “best support”, and “best relationship” as some of the key differentiators compared to other products on the market. 

Adept earned “Leader” status in Product Data Management (PDM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM), and “High Performer” status in Construction Drawing Management.    

One mark that resounded with all the feedback I heard was the G2 Net Promoter Scorecard (NPS), for which we earned an exceptionally high grade of 77.

According to G2 Crowd, “The purpose of NPS is to gauge customer loyalty to a brand, and how likely they are to recommend your product to a peer. An NPS at-or-above 70 is considered ‘world class.’”

Basically, this means that nearly all our customers would advocate for the product. And with that, let me share just a few of their words:

  • “Data is the cornerstone of any business today and not securing it is a huge risk. If you want to do it right and do it well, the Adept platform is the gold-standard.”
  • "No other software company anywhere works as closely with their customers. For a system that your business cannot operate without, this is invaluable."
  • "An immediate 30% gain in user efficiency”
  • "To say that the Adept drawing management system is a quantum leap from multi-tiered network folders, preposterously complex file names, and dizzying AD security schemes would be an understatement. We've realized myriad benefits from central management of our 500,000 drawing files.”



To read the complete findings, may I suggest you download the full report. You can also read all 56 reviews on G2’s Adept review page.

On behalf of the Synergis team, thank you to all our clients who took the time to contribute a review. If you’d like to add yours to the mix, click here.



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