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Why Synergis Adept?
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Why Synergis Adept?

Why Synergis Adept?

Simple, Scalable Engineering Data & Document Management

Companies who are evaluating and reviewing engineering document management and PDM solutions choose Synergis Adept because of these unique advantages:

  • Synergis Software has dedicated, passionate people who provide customers with world class data and document management support and services
  • Synergis Adept is an IT-friendly solution and requires little to no administration
  • Adept has unique product advantages over other solutions in the area of vaulting, replication, transmittals, workflow and email management
  • Synergis Software has the knowledge and expertise to offer a full range of services to help you define and achieve your EDMS and PDM goals in the shortest period of time

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Relationship & Support

When it comes to managing mission critical documents and content, working directly with a developer who can offer world class support is the key to your success.

IT Friendly

Want your IT staff happy? Adept is easy to use and administer. It requires little or no impact on IT. Here are eight other reasons why IT will embrace Adept.

Product Advantages

Fast searching, smart document vaulting, and the fastest possible replication are just a few of the reasons that Adept provides advantages over other solutions.

Debunking the Myth

When considering a data or document management system, shouldn't you just use the solution from your CAD vendor? The answer isn't that simple.