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What’s New in Adept 2018

What’s New in Adept 2018

With the release of Adept 2018 we have added more powerful backend capabilities that allow us to move more and more business intelligence from the Desktop Client to the web server.

Now in Adept 2018, the Adept Desktop Client, Adept PublishWave and some of the Adept Task Pane Integrations all rely on the web server in some important ways. As a result, you’ll need to install both the native Desktop Server and the new Adept Web Server in order to run the Desktop Client as you have in prior versions.

What's New in Adept 2018

If you are a current customer and you want a quick reference for all the requirements and considerations for upgrading, check out our Adept 2018 Prep Guide. For more detailed technical information, we highly recommend that you read the What’s New, System Requirements, Adept Upgrade Guide and all the other Adept 2018 documents that are available in the Adept_2018_Documentation.zip file on the Client Portal, as well as the actual product download.

What’s New in Adept Desktop Client 2018

Adept 2018 includes many user experience enhancements and improvements to the Adept Desktop Client:

  • A new “Check Out and Open” command
  • The addition of the “Refresh View” command in the work area context menu
  • The ability to drag and drop columns in the primary windows (not Document Dashboard)
  • The ability to create folders in the Favorites window and organize items into these folders
  • The ability to export and import contacts and companies in the transmittal database
  • The ability to select contact instead of a company when working with transmittals
  • Improved transmittal field handling for large amounts of data
  • Improved “Add Column” dialog by organization and filtering of fields
  • Improved handling of column widths in the Document Dashboard
  • New override rights option for Restricted List batch updating
  • Larger Administer All Shared Work Areas dialog
  • A workflow report that includes the document’s entire workflow history
  • Increased support for Append and Refine searches after Search All Fields
  • Ensured display of appropriate icons in Adept for SOLIDWORKS documents
  • Eliminated limit on the number of rows displayed on the Version tab of the Document Dashboard
  • Numerous improvements to Ribbon Sets and Ribbon Set Manager
  • Numerous improvements to handling and display of localized text strings

For administrators, there are also many enhancements, including:

  • The ability for workflow administrators to easily handle hundreds or even thousands of workflows
    • Multiple administrators can edit different workflows simultaneously
    • Filtering the list of workflows
  • An Adept administrator command to identify and delete empty Libraries
  • The ability to customize email notification subject lines to include Adept data field names and values
  • Improved ability to make changes in Designer while the Adept system is running
  • More details in the login report, including client type, group disabled users, locked licenses, and more
  • A new right to “Clear Redlines” separate from Workflow Manager category rights
  • Global option to not validate work areas on login of users
  • Improved performance when managing large numbers of document templates
  • Many standard reports have been improved with more details and better formatting
  • Support for Adept Creator in the User Profile dialog

For the nitty gritty technical details on upgrading to Adept 2018, we recommend you read through the What’s New and System Requirements documents.

What’s New in Adept Integration for SOLIDWORKS 2018

Adept 2018 features a newly developed CAD integration with SOLIDWORKS that uses the Adept Web Server and has no dependency on the Adept Desktop Client application. With Adept 2018, SOLIDWORKS users will no longer need to log in to Adept through the Adept Desktop Client application.

The new integration delivers excellent performance and new features including: Workflow approve and reject, a document dashboard, and the ability to create manual relationships. With Adept 2018, the new CAD integration only supports SOLIDWORKS 2018. Other integrations will follow in Adept service packs and updates. Until then, Adept’s integrations for AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, and Navisworks require an active Desktop Client session.

Besides the new Web Server connection, there are many other improvements to the integration, including the ability to:

  • Participate in workflows by approving, rejecting, and rerouting documents
  • Select language in the Adept Login screen
  • Create new documents in the Adept Work Area
  • Manage the Virtual Library using commands to clear and refresh
  • Access the Send To command
  • Access documents in Work Area, FileGuide, Favorites, etc.
  • Use the Document Dashboard
  • Load the integration faster when starting SOLIDWORKS
  • Change Information Source
  • Create and edit manual relationships
  • Clear and refresh extract documents

For other technical details on upgrading to Adept 2018, we recommend you read through the What’s New and System Requirements documents.

What’s New in Adept 2018 Web Clients

For Adept 2018, the all-new Adept Creator joins Adept Explorer and Adept Reviewer. Building on the all new Web Client architecture in Adept 2017, Adept Creator offers all the capabilities in Adept Explorer and Adept Review, plus many new abilities, including the ability to Check In and Check Out.

New Features for All the Web Clients

Expanded Viewing Support

  • In earlier Web Client versions, a Java browser plug-in was required to start the Adept Viewer. As most browsers have discontinued support for browser plug-ins, we have implemented a new method of starting the viewer. Java Web Start is a technology that downloads a small “starter” file to the browser and after the first time it is accepted by a user, the viewer automatically starts from that point forward – no browser plug-in required!

Expanded Tablet Support

  • In addition to supporting iOS (iOS 9.0 or greater), the Web Clients now support Android (Marshmallow or greater) and Windows (Windows 10 only) tablets.
  • Adept Explorer and Reviewer support tablets running iOS and Android. Tablets running native Windows 10 support Adept Creator, in addition to Adept Explorer and Adept Reviewer.

Ribbon Bars

  • A tabulated Toolbar provides you more organized and easier access to features and commands.

In Adept Explorer:

In Adept Reviewer and Adept Creator:

Navigation Panel Updates

  • The Navigation Panel now remains fixed at the left of the screen, saving you valuable screen real estate.
  • Clicking a command such as FileGuide displays results in place, instead of providing a fly out view. Clicking the left arrow next to the command name returns you to the main navigation.

Favorites: Add/Delete

  • You may now create new and delete Favorites lists.
  • Once created, you can add and remove items from a Favorites list and you can delete the list itself.

Saved Searches: Add/Delete

  • You may add, delete and rename your Saved Searches.

Send To

  • Use the Send To command to send documents or Adept document links using a convenient Wizard interface. Adept sends links using hyperlinks to accommodate Web Client users. ALS attachments are included to accommodate Desktop Client users.
  • Prior to sending, you can add and remove recipients and customize the email body.

Edit Email Notification Before Sending

  • With Email Notification enabled, you can now edit email notifications in the Web Client prior to sending.

New Features in Adept Reviewer and Adept Creator

Manual Relationships: Create/Edit/Delete

  • You may now create, edit and delete Manual Relationships from Adept Reviewer and Adept Creator. Click the Relationships button to open the Manual Relationships dialog from the right side of the screen, opposite the Navigation Panel.

New Features in Adept Creator

Adept Creator provides a wider platform for many non-technical users inside and out of the enterprise to Check In and Check Out documents with ease, and edit and contribute content from anywhere using a web browser.

Adept Client Services (ACS)

  • Adept Client Services (ACS) is a small download that enables Work Area access and local data extraction. It is similar to common downloads we install for everyday apps such as OneDrive, iTunes, Dropbox and other common cloud apps.
  • Adept Administrators designate the appropriate Web Client license in users’ User, Group, or Library Administration profile. You must install ACS in order to access the new capabilities Adept Creator offers.
  • When you log in using your Adept Creator license, you may access all new Creator capabilities after you install ACS.

Work Areas (Add/Edit/Delete)

  • Adept Creator allows you to Create New Work Areas and to access Shared Work Areas for which you are a member.

New Document

  • You may create new documents using your company’s approved templates with the New command, which is accessible from the Home and from the Document tabs in the Toolbar.


  • You can rename documents in your Work Area using the Rename command. Similarly, you can delete unwanted documents from your Work Area using Delete.


  • Copy documents from the Vault or from Work Area to Work Area using Copy. You may rename documents during the copy command.

Check In/ Check Out

  • Check In documents from anywhere using Check In. To edit documents in the Vault, check them out to your Work Area using Check Out.

Release Check Out / Acquire Check Out

  • Release Check Out allows you to undo a Check Out and leave a copy of the affected documents in your Work Area.
  • With a DUPLICATE document selected in your Work Area, you may click Acquire Check Out to make the current selected documents OUT – as if you had just checked them out. The documents in your Work Area become the new work in process versions of the Library versions. “The Copy Data Card…” checkbox copies metadata from the Library version of the documents to the current selected duplicates.

Undo Check Out of Unchanged Children

  • Undo Check Out of Unchanged Children quickly releases OUT documents in your Work Area that may have been checked out as part of an assembly or Xref. In larger compound documents, many related documents may not change during your editing sessions. Quickly release them using this command so that other users may edit those documents.

Show Work Area in Windows Explorer

  • Quickly open your Work Area in Windows Explorer using this command.

Clear ExtracteD Data and Refresh Extracted Data

  • Quickly clear any extracted metadata, relationships and thumbnails using Clear Extracted Data. Refresh and re-extract the data using Refresh Extracted Data.

For the more in-depth technical details on the Adept 2018 Web Clients, we recommend that you read through the What’s New and System Requirements documents.

What’s New in Adept PublishWave 2018

Connection to Adept

  • Adept PublishWave 2018 modifies the way documents are delivered to PublishWave and checked into Adept by the PublishToAdept feature. PublishWave and PublishToAdept now connect to Adept without requiring an Adept Desktop Client license or Adept Desktop Client software.
  • PublishWave can now connect to and download documents without staging or transferring jobs via the Adept PublishWave Plug-In.
  • PublishToAdept now connects and checks in documents through an Adept WebAPI connection, eliminating the need for an Adept Desktop Client license.

Support for SOLIDWORKS 2018

  • Adept PublishWave 2018 supports SOLIDWORKS 2018 for printing and publishing of documents.

Support for Layers

  • Adept PublishWave 2018 will include the layer information in the PDF output from AutoCAD DWG format files.

For the further technical details on the Adept 2018 PublishWave, we recommend that you read through the PublishWave Overview and PublishWave System Requirements documents.

What’s New in Adept 2018 Platform

In Adept 2018, the Synergis.WebAPI RESTful web services power the new Adept Creator, as well as the all-new Adept CAD Integration for SOLIDWORKS 2018. The web service APIs are available to clients with a current Subscription and/or Maintenance Agreement. Authorized partners and clients can use the web services for business system integrations, intranet/portal integration, dashboards, and reporting. Build your own new killer application using Adept Web Services!