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Do You Have More than One Version of the Truth?

Do You Have More than One Version of the Truth?

Manual methods of version control are difficult and prone to error. One mistake can mean an individual spends hours updating an obsolete version and has to repeat all that work all over again. In companies without version control it’s common to find multiple revisions of a document across the organization. There’s a copy on the server, on a user’s hard drive, and a paper copy in a print room, making it hard to determine which is the latest, most accurate revision.


Adept serves as your central point for document access and automatically ensures users across the organization always access to the latest version. Adept also saves previous versions and maintains the historical metadata so you can access a snapshot in time as well as a complete document history. Adept maintains an audit trail for each document throughout its lifecycle.

Use the incorrect version of an engineering document and you are vulnerable to increased corporate risk, failed audits, cost overruns that can extend into the millions of dollars, and significant risks to safety, schedules, and reputation.