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Engineering Change Management

Engineering Change Management

Automating the Tedious ECN and ECO Process

Your ability to compete, thrive, or even just survive depends on your ability to change…and change quickly. Walking isn’t acceptable, you need to sprint.

And, for many manufacturing companies, the dreaded ECN process is the ball and chain around your ankle. It’s one of the most common complaints we hear from manufacturers. “Our ECN process is:

  • painfully slow
  • difficult to manage
  • pushing paper
  • one-person-at-a-time
  • lacks visibility
  • error-prone

A ball and chain.

And most ECN processes offered by other document management providers are difficult to set up and/or inflexible.

Engineering changes, if not managed efficiently can drag down a project, adding time and expense and reducing your profits. Manual change processes make it impossible to streamline workflows and difficult for you to enforce engineering change policies and procedures. What’s worse is you lose visibility to the change status; and manual change processes don’t notify those people who need to move the change process along swiftly. For many organizations, engineering or design change is a way of life and any inefficiency is expensive in terms of cost resources, and timelines.


With Adept you can create unique workflows that automate your engineering change process. You can accelerate your approval processes to keep the project on tight timelines. You can send automated notifications via email. You can set up time based alerts to help you identify bottlenecks before they stall a project. And you can see the status of an engineering change, including all the steps remaining and those that need completion. So here’s a question for you: how much money and how many man hours would your company save if engineering change took half the time it takes now?

Only 67 percent of build-to-order and engineer-to-order manufacturers know how much it costs to produce customized products and 73 percent don't know the cost of engineering change orders.