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Creating Transmittals in No Time
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Creating Transmittals in No Time

Creating Transmittals in No Time

No one likes how much time it takes to create transmittals. Gathering up all the documents, making sure you have the correct versions, making sure all the xref images and part documents are included. It’s all very tedious. Even when transmittals are assembled with painstaking care, there’s a high risk for missing key components like xrefs, parts, drawings, and assemblies. And then once the transmittal is sent how do you track, manage, and access its contents future?


Adept slashes transmittal creation time and eliminates costly errors. It provides automatic cover sheet creation, built-in address book for quick recipient selection and sending, automatic conversion of documents to PDF when necessary. It also ensures automatic tracking, editing, and routing through workflows. You can send a transmittal via email or FTP or to an intranet and always maintain the relationship between the cover sheet and all the documents that you send.

"When we added up the cost for our engineers' time and labor, we were spending $400,000 dollars a year just to send transmittals. Adept eliminated that cost"
- Stan Jancovic, Taggart Global