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Automatic File Naming Turns Chaos into Order

Automatic File Naming Turns Chaos into Order

People name documents in a way that makes sense to them, which is a big problem when they have to collaborate and share documents with other people. Some companies try to impose naming standards, but with no way to enforce or automate these standards all it takes is one person falling out of line and an important file could be irretrievable. And when more than one department or region or branch is involved what do you have? Chaos!


Adept allows you to create diverse naming schemes for all your departments or branches local or global using combinations of any of the following: Auto generated number sequences, fixed width text place holders for user entered text, predefined data from drop down lists, user entered free texts, and delimiters. If you add up all the time your people spend naming, organizing documents, and then trying to find them do you know how much time you would save if all your naming was done automatically?