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Stay Compliant, Fly through Audits, Pass Industry Certification

Stay Compliant, Fly through Audits, Pass Industry Certification

Maintaining a complete audit trail for each document throughout its lifecycle is important not only for internal analysis and process optimization, but also for compliance with industry standards and regulations. Implementing the proper safeguards through an electronic audit trail provide your company with accountability to your customers and to industry and regulatory agencies. An electronic audit trail dramatically reduces the time, cost, and labor it takes to gain and maintain certification and increases your company’s chances of passing through audits quickly.


With Adept a complete record is kept of every single action performed on every document throughout its lifecycle automatically. Your company is protected from legal exposure with a proven track record of actions taken, and your path to industry compliance and certification is streamlined. You gain a fool proof method to visualize the ongoing activity history of a file, including what action was taken, by whom, and the date and time the action occurred to comply with industry standards and regulations and gain industry certifications such as ISO-9000, QS-9000, FDA-21 CFR-11, Sarbanes-Oxley, and many others. Best of all, you gain x-ray vision into your company’s workflows, enabling you to identify where your processes can be improved for a leaner, more profitable and competitive organization.

Non-compliance costs impact businesses because employees must deal with non-compliance issues rather than performing their regular duties.