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Engineering Document Management for Oil and Gas
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Engineering Document Management for Oil and Gas

Engineering Document Management for Oil and Gas

Improve processes and communication, and facilitate information exchange and collaboration between Owners Operators and EPCs with engineering document management

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The oil and gas value chain comprises complex and multifaceted stages from exploration and production; through storage and shipping; to refining and distribution. Each stage in the chain has one common challenge: document management and it is a significant one.

The sheer volume of engineering information created and revised throughout the value chain is overwhelming and often painfully disorganized. The resulting chaos leads to lost work, poor communications, expensive mistakes, and wasted time. No single stakeholder escapes the need to control and secure their documents or mitigate risk throughout the project lifecycle.

Fortunately, the answer is in easy reach. Adept engineering drawing and document management systems can bring order from digital data chaos, delivering revision control, security and industry compliance, improving processes and communication, and facilitating information exchange and collaboration in-house as well as with outside stakeholders.

Case Studies

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Our Clients are Saying...

Adept saves the company time and ensures accuracy and achieving its business objectives to keep up with the industry demands for reduced costs, improved operational efficiencies, and adherence to government regulations."
- Sunoco Logistics

Instead of having to go on the server and find out where someone is keeping the documents and which folders they are in, we now have a workflow where we are setting up our shared work spaces. Documents are checked in and checked out so everyone is working from 'one version of the truth'."
- NiSource