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Engineering Document Management for Product Design & Manufacturing
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Engineering Document Management for Product Design & Manufacturing

Engineering Document Management for Product Design & Manufacturing

Save time, increase design-re-use, and automate processes for better product delivery with engineering document management

Mining, Agricultural & Construction Equipment | Fabricated Metal Products; Electrical & Electronics Equipment | Instruments and Measuring Devces | Food | Consumer Products | Rubber, Stone, Textiles, Glass, Pulp & Paper

The combination of increased globalization and strong competition have manufacturers highly focused on decreasing operating costs, increasing productivity and efficiency, and aggressively delivering new and quality products. Mergers and acquisitions provide unique challenges as companies unite disparate people, processes and CAD systems in an effort to create a streamlined, efficient organization.

With 3D modeling, manufacturers have the wherewithal to design and develop new products more efficiently than ever before. But with complex products containing hundreds or thousands of parts, managing, controlling and sharing 3D data is more challenging than ever, Adept helps companies streamline and automate product-related processes from basic searching and revision control to transmittals and engineering change management. It also enables information sharing with other design teams and department to develop high quality, profitable products in the fastest time possible.

Adept’s tight integration with the world’s most popular CAD packages ensures complex 2D and 3D file relationships are maintained and best document management practices are implemented at every level of design through manufacturing. With Adept, your organization will be more efficient, productive, and connected, positioning you to offer superior products and services and gain a critical competitive edge.

Business Benefits

  • Reduce time to market – Improve operational efficiency and streamline information access to other departments, contractors and customers.
  • Increase productivity – Provide immediate, controlled access to centrally managed documents and information to users across the enterprise
  • Find and re-use existing designs – Adept’s full text and structured search capabilities allow CAD users to quickly find and re-use existing design data. Adept also provides the ability to quickly and easily copy and rename complete designs including all related documents.
  • Manage complex file/configuration inter relationships – Adept manages and tracks complex file relationships that exist within AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, SOLIDWORKS and MicroStation documents throughout each documents lifecycle. As documents are checked out, revised, routed through workflow, copied or moved, Adept ensures all file relationships are intact. Adept displays these file relationships in an easy to understand tree structure so you can see “where-used” and “composed of” information as well as how changes to one drawing or part may affect many others.
  • Automate workflow and engineering change process – Eliminate errors and improve approval and delivery times with automated document workflow and engineering change processes.
  • Automate bill of material and document transmittal creation – Automate the creation of bills of material and document transmittals to ensure accuracy and collaborate more effectively both internally and externally
  • Comply with industry standards – Leverage Adept’s electronic information tracking capabilities to dramatically reduce the time and effort it takes to gain and maintain certifications such as ISO, OSHA, FDA 21 CFR- 11, and other standards
  • Enhance decision-making at all levels – Ensure decision makers at all levels have access to relevant data quickly and easily.
  • Enable enterprise visualization – Provide local or remote team members with instant visualization, markup and compare capabilities for up to 450 file types including 2D and 3D CAD, Office, PDF, and raster formats
  • Integrate with other business systems – Interoperability between Adept and other business systems, such as MRP and ERP, ensures data accuracy and eliminates redundant data entry.
  • Eliminate paper storage and reduce costs associated with paper output – Reclaim office space that was used to store paper drawings and documents, and enable faster, more accurate electronic document access, visualization, markup and collaboration, reducing expensive hardcopy output and distribution.

Case Studies

Our Clients are Saying...

So far I'd say we have 578 transmittals that we manage in Adept, plus 6,000 SolidWorks, parts, drawings, related documents, material specifications, customer drawings and customer-related specifications."
- Miller Ingenuity

At one point, we looked at PLM but the overhead and administrative cost to implement and run a system like that was too much for us. So instead, we use Adept for our engineering document management and some custom programming to tie our design data to our ERP system. This solution really meets all our needs."
- Guntert & Zimmerman