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Engineering Document Management for Mining & Primary Metals
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Engineering Document Management for Mining & Primary Metals

Engineering Document Management for Mining & Primary Metals

Manage complex assemblies for mining equipment to every drawing asset for a mining plant with engineering document management

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Mining & Metals companies span from mining operations, mining equipment manufacturing as well as the facilities and infrastructure. From managing complex assemblies for mining equipment to managing every drawing asset for a mining plant, Adept provides companies in the mining industry with the ability to control costs throughout the product and plant lifecycle. Furthermore, Adept helps companies produce drawings on time and with better quality, so there is less rework in manufacturing. Without a document or product data management system, engineering quality would be questionable at best. With a centralized repository that gives access to all information, people from engineering, purchasing, planning, and construction have an immediate and regulated way to get to the information they need for their work.

Collaboration with contractors and subcontractors, and EPCs, which provide services to design, manage, and maintain assets is also critical. The documents that flow between owners and outside contractor not only include CAD drawings and designs, but also procedures, policies, quality and regulation documents, health and safety documents and external communications. And all these documents need to be available and accessible 24/7 to provide anyone the right and up-to-date documents in case of any issue.

Business Benefits

  • Ease of checking designs in and out
  • Managing the lifecycle of a file
  • Managing previous versions
  • Ability to copy designs for easy re-use
  • Managing configurations
  • Supporting external references
  • Rapid and easy search
  • Managing design dates
  • Availability of audit trails
  • Managing and setting up workflows

Case Studies

Other Mining & Primary Metal Clients:

  • Alcoa Mill Products
  • Carpenter
  • CMC Steel
  • Corning Inc – Specialty Materials
  • Elkem Metal Canada Inc.
  • Essar Steel Algoma Inc.
  • Flexcon
  • The Heim Group
  • Iron Ore of Canada
  • Lhoist
  • Maverick Tube Corporation
  • Metl-Span
  • The Miller Company
  • P&H Mining
  • Radyne Corporation
  • RTI International Metals
  • Talley Metals

Our Clients are Saying...

Basically, Adept manages every drawing needed for us to build a plant site. We can track every wire, every piece of gravel and concrete, locations, radioactive sources, you name it. Everything that is secure on the plant site that has a drawing is managed within Adept."
- Mosaic Potash

If someone makes a mistake because a wrong file revision is used from a network location and not from a PDM, it could take weeks to find and fix the error and potentially cost thousands of dollars, plus delaying the shipment. The solution needed to save on engineering time to offset the cost of deployment."
- P& H Mining