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Engineering Document Management for AEC and EPCs
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Engineering Document Management for AEC and EPCs

Engineering Document Management for AEC and EPCs

Engineering Firms, Construction Companies, and EPCs are Improving Business Processes with Engineering and Electronic Document Management Solutions

Adept helps design-build and EPC companies manage the large, ever changing flow of documents and distribution between all project partners. To prevent errors and to reduce costs and risks it’s critical that everyone on the project has access to the right information at the right time so each contributor knows exactly what they received and what and when they sent out drawings and supporting documents.

Revision control is an ongoing issue for Design-Build and EPC firms and companies estimate they are spending in the hundreds of thousands of dollars on incidents where the wrong designs are sent to or accessed by people in the project/construction groups. Add to that more six digit dollar losses annually on creating, assembling and sending transmittals, finding and retrieving documents, and collaborating among disparate disciplines.

To rectify these common scenarios, Adept provides many capabilities for Design/Build and EPC firms.

Drawing management. Whether native file management for internal CAD documents, or PDF management of deliverables to and from vendors or contractors, Adept brings control and management to all drawing documents. Whether project information is exchanged via Adept links or uploaded to corporate extranet such as SharePoint, vendor deliverables and all the relationships between drawings, text documents, spreadsheets and email are maintained with Adept.

Automated Workflow. Successful organizations also use Adept to help achieve operational excellence automated workflow and approval and engineering change processes across departments and geographies. Replacing slow, tedious processes ensures the delivery of document to those who need it 24/7 around the globe. Better yet is the ability to create unique workflows that echo current review processes, while accelerating approvals and eliminating bottlenecks.

Transmittals. Communicating and tracking project and file information that you send to people who are not using Adept or who are outside the organization is critical. Adept’s transmittal capabilities make the process of creating, sending, and tracking transmittals easy and fast, and reduces the chance of errors compared to paper-based transmittal processes. Transmittal forms are customizable and flexible to each project environment and support the use of customized cover sheets. It’s easy to search for and select the documents to be sent with the transmittal from inside Adept’s controlled environment.

It’s also easy to maintain a relationship between the transmittal cover sheet and the documents being sent. An historical record in the audit trail shows you all activities related to the transmittals, including which documents were sent, when, and at what version. You can add and modify clients and contacts that will receive the transmittal from within the Adept environment and the Transmittal can be automatically rendered to PDF, Zipped, and emailed.

Collaboration. Multi-collaboration capabilities makes it easy to either share the latest file versions between design teams via replication or exchange non-native file formats between project partners using Adept’s built-in Oracle viewer.

Access for remote users. Adept provides web-based clients for browser based check in/out approval and assigning of drawings as well as an iPad version for remote users. All device applications deliver seamless, unified access to a central repository of documents to ensure that the latest and most accurate information is available from home, district, and global offices as well as external job sites – at each stage of the project lifecycle.

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Our Clients are Saying...

Now when someone needs a certain drawing, I do not have to sit down and manually figure out all the support drawings that go with it. I use Adept to check out the drawing and the support drawings are automatically checked out too. That is a big time saver."
- Pelican Energy Consultants