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Engineering Document Management for Aerospace & Defense
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Engineering Document Management for Aerospace & Defense

Engineering Document Management for Aerospace & Defense

Safety. Precision. Strict Control. These are top concerns for Aerospace and Defense companies, where product success or failure is the difference between life and death. Add to these challenges an impassioned desire to reduce costs and eliminate waste in every aspect of the manufacturing and production project lifecycle and therein lies the very serious matter of ensuring document control and process improvement.

Using an automated document management solution like Adept enables companies in the Aerospace and Defense sectors to streamline manual processes, reduce overhead costs, and support key initiatives such as Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma for cutting waste and inefficiencies in production.

Business Benefits

  • Streamlining project management
  • Eliminating non-value added engineering activities
  • Reducing errors in change management
  • Reducing times in the review and release cycles
  • Meeting strict requirements and mitigate risk
  • An overall integrated enterprise that ensures all stakeholders have access to the right information at the right time – for better decision making.

Case Studies

Our Clients are Saying...

Some of the important features of Adept that we rely on are document auditing and traceability. If there was ever any sort of incident with the airplane, we must have traceability to quickly assess any possible safety issues. This rapid response capability is not adequately accommodated in a manually maintained network of Windows documents and folders."
- Viking Air

Our main business objectives in implementing a data management system were saving time, cost and improving accessibility. We're saving a lot of time. We can search for drawings and pull them up in a matter of seconds."