AeroSpec, Inc. Uses Adept Document Management and  Workflow For Lean Manufacturing

Company overview: 

AeroSpec, Inc. provides services and support for all phases of your project from Project Management, Engineering and Design, Verification and Validation Testing, Transportation, Installation, and Field Support. Over 1000 custom equipment designs have addressed factory production needs from extremely lean assembly, test, and processing stations to fully automated high volume systems.  AeroSpec provides and supports equipment in 12 countries worldwide. 

AeroSpec has become an industry leader for innovation. Their engineering expertise, coupled with business acumen and technology innovation, has helped bring many manufacturing products to market.


  • Leverage the most innovative tools and technologies to stay competitive and bring new products to market faster.
  • To manage and control tens of thousands of drawings quickly and accurately.
  • To speed up production and reduce errors throughout the manufacturing lifecycle.

 We build the equipment to build the pacemaker and we have to do it very quickly. What other designers do in days, we complete in hours. From the time the product is designed it’s a race to see how fast that equipment can be built so we can mass produce these pacemakers.

Steve Marinella President


  • Engineers were often unsure if they were inside Windows or inside the document management system.
  • Their existing data management software failed to sufficiently support SolidWorks.
  • Their old system encrypted their documents, making it impossible for their IT department to access their data after a system crash.
  • There was push back from the IT department to move forward with any system that encrypted documents.

We need an automated system not only to save manpower, but also to speed up production and reduce errors.


  • Adept doesn’t encrypt documents or change file names, so IT can easily find documents and provide continual backup. 
  • Adept’s intuitive user interface reduced the learning time for users. 
  • Adept’s built-in visualization allows Non-CAD users to view their own prints, so engineers no longer spend valuable time doing clerical work.
  • The shop floor people have read-only access to documents, so there’s no risk of inadvertently making changes.
  • Users don’t need a license of expensive CAD software to see the document.
  • Adept’s permissions control who gets to see what to reduce the risk of mistakes.

We’re data management people. No one had any question that we needed this tool. In fact, a time is coming when a system like this will be a mandatory part of doing business in our industry.


  • An automated document management system saves manpower, speeds up production, and reduces errors.
  • Document management adds integrity to  work process, which is critical in a fast-paced environment requiring flawless control over documents.
  • Engineers use Adept with SolidWorks configurations to complete a modeling task more efficiently, which in turn saves manufacturing costs.
  • It’s easier to identify bottlenecks in design processes to fast-track work through the pipeline, quickly and efficiently.
  • Non-CAD users have easy access to prints, freeing up engineers to spend time on value-added work.

That’s why we’re so interested in document management. It adds integrity that’s so important when you’re operating quickly. In our environment it’s really critical to have flawless control over our documents.

It’s really important to know if we have a bottleneck in our design process that’s going to defeat our fast track to get things through our pipeline, quickly and efficiently. Adept helps us find those areas and improve them. Adept does a remarkably effective job helping us analyze the pipeline, especially with the 3D SolidWorks documents that we’re working with.

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