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This is the place to see ADEPT engineering document and information management in action. Browse below to watch customer testimonials, industry-specific solutions, CAD & ERP integrations, and product features demos. 

Adept's Features and Capabilities:

10 Engineering Document Management Problems You Can Solve in 3 Weeks!

If you’re spending WAY too much time (and resources) trying to find, manage, share and control your engineering documents . . . It’s time to consider Adept.

Adept's Vaulting Methods

This animated video describes the three most common ways to vault documents in a data management system, and why Synergis took a smart, flexible, approach to vaulting in Adept.

Web Clients

Adept Explorer is a thin, web client designed for users who need to find, view, print, redline, assign and copy documents stored in Adept, primarily in a read-only mode. Built on the Adept Explorer platform, Adept Reviewer adds full workflow participation to the Adept web client experience.

Searching & Browsing

Adept allows searching or browsing documents based on any combination of information about the file.

Adept's Version and Revision Control

Adept serves as your central point for document access and automatically ensures users always access the latest version and saves previous versions and maintains all the historical metadata throughout the product/project lifecycle.

Workflow Automation

Adept’s integrated workflow capabilities help organizations automate simple or complex engineering change and business processes to improve productivity.

Engineering Change Process

Learn how Adept creates automated ECO process; links your ECO to all related drawings and documents, and simplifies the review and approval process.

Document Control

Adept serves as the central point for document access, automatically ensuring users always access the latest version, and maintains an audit trail for each document throughout its lifecycle.

Adept Integrator: Seamless and Rapid Integration

Adept’s integrated workflow capabilities help organizations automate simple or complex engineering change and business processes to improve productivity.

Transmittal Automation

Transmittal Automation  

Adept’s Transmittal Automation feature makes the process of creating, sending, and tracking transmittals easy and fast, and reduces the chance of errors compared to paper-based transmittal processes.


Adept: Industry Overviews

Adept for Process Industries  

Bringing new plants online quickly, managing revamps successfully and ensuring ongoing maintenance and performance of existing assets are all critical to the success of any owner/operator. Without a central, integrated solution to manage engineering content across the enterprise, the risks are significant.

Adept for Manufacturing  

Managing, controlling and sharing of complex file relationships is more challenging than ever. Learn how forward-thinking manufacturers such as W.L. Gore and Associates, Crayola, Green Mountain-Keurig and many others are benefiting from Adept.

Adept for Utilities  

See how utility companies around the country are solving the top 5 utilities document management challenges with Synergis Adept document management.

Adept for Facilities  

See how Adept provides secure, immediate access to all building assets -drawings, work orders, maintenance and operational documents, and regulatory compliance information – to ensure overall accuracy of information throughout a project lifecycle. 


Customer Presentations:

A Conversation with Dow Chemical about Synergis Adept

Gregg Schuler and Chris Wood of the Dow Chemical Company discuss why they selected Synergis Adept Engineering Information Solution to manage millions of documents for both as-built and capital projects across multiple global sites.

Dow Chemical's Best Practices to Plan Deploy and Measure Global Engineering Information Management

See how Dow’s Six Sigma approach guides every critical decision they make for planning, deploying and measuring a global engineering information management system.

Seahorse Bioscience Reins in Unruly Engineering Documentation Practices

Learn how Seahorse Bioscience uses Adept PDM with SOLIDWORKS to support 20% growth in design and engineering.

A Conversation with Greene Tweed about Synergis Adept

Steve Danasko of Greene, Tweed discusses why they selected Adept product data management for SolidWorks, their global implementation with vault replication, integration with SAP, and their experience working with Synergis.  

How Greene, Tweed Achieves Collaboration Across 3 Continents 

Discover how Greene Tweed has integrated Synergis Adept product data management with SAP to automate processes and enable enterprise collaboration across three continents.

SchuF - Achieve One Version of the Truth with PDM

Desktop Engineering editor, Kenneth Wong interviews Christopher Kehrs, Manager Director and Brian Walsh, IT Manager, to get the answers to how Product Data Management (PDM) became the cornerstone of their efficiency.

Adept's CAD Integrations:

Adept's AutoCAD Integration

Adept's new AutoCAD integration works right inside the CAD application. Search, Check In/Check Out, Open, Insert and Replace drawings, and see status information about drawings and references.

Adept's SOLIDWORKS Integration

The Adept Task Pane inside SolidWorks gives users the ability to Search, Check In/Check Out, Open, Insert and Replace Components, and see status information about parts, assemblies, drawings – without ever leaving SolidWorks.

Adept's Inventor Integration

Adept's new Inventor integration gives users the ability to Search, Check In/Check Out, Open, Insert and Replace Components and see the status of file relationships - without leaving Inventor.

Adept's AutoCAD Electrical Integration

Adepts integration with AutoCAD Electrical gives you the ability to import existing projects and related drawing files, extract project files, automatically create relationships between the project files and drawings, and copy and rename of projects and related drawing files.

Adept's MicroStation Integration

Adept allows MicroStation users to find & re-use existing design data, extract drawing text tags, manage and track reference file relationships, view MicroStation files right from within Adept.

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"We're saving a lot of time. We can search for drawings now and pull them up in a matter of minutes or seconds." 

"Adept saves the company time and ensures accuracy and achieving its business objectives to keep up with the industry demands for reduced costs, improved operational efficiencies, and adherence to government regulations."