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Engineering Document Management – Power in Your Browser. Synergis Software.

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Engineering Document Management – Power in Your Browser

Engineering Document Management – Power in Your Browser

Adept Explorer

Adept Explorer is a thin, web client designed for users who need to access documents and information stored in Adept, primarily in a read-only mode. It complements Adept’s full-featured Desktop client, offering a simplified interface that allows users to find, view, print, redline, assign and copy documents based on their permissions in Adept. Adept Explorer provides the same powerful viewing capabilities found in the Desktop client for AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, Word, Excel, PDF, TIF, and hundreds of other formats. Adept Explorer users can view version information, file relationships, the status of a workflow, and the audit trail of any document throughout its lifecycle. Adept Explorer is a great fit for read-only users in purchasing, manufacturing, maintenance, sales, marketing, and outside vendors.

Adept Reviewer

Built on the Adept Explorer platform, Adept Reviewer adds full workflow participation to the Adept web client experience. With Adept Reviewer users can approve, reject, reject to previous step, reject to originator, re-route to a new workflow, and expedite approve and reject, add comments, and more. Email notification and time-based alerts are supported. Adept Reviewer also allows users to edit metadata in an Adept Data Card, including the new rich text format (RTF) memo tab. Adept Reviewer licenses are concurrent, and Adept Explorer users may upgrade to Adept Reviewer for a fee.