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Version Control

Manual methods of document version control are difficult and prone to error, and mistakes are costly. In companies without document control, it is common to find multiple versions of a document across the organization. You may have a copy of a document on the network, a copy on a user’s hard drive and paper copies as well, making it virtually impossible to determine which is the correct version. If an incorrect version makes it to a client, contractor or the manufacturing floor, it can end up as an expensive and unfortunate mistake.

Adept serves as your central point for document access and automatically ensures users always access the latest version. Adept also saves previous versions and maintains the historical metadata so you can access a snapshot in time as well as the complete document history. Adept maintains an audit trail for each document throughout its lifecycle.

For users of 2D and 3D CAD software like AutoCAD, MicroStation, SOLIDWORKS, or Autodesk Inventor, where reference documents are heavily used, Adept’s version control capabilities go even deeper. Adept automatically manages and tracks complex file relationships between AutoCAD XREFs, MicroStation References, and Inventor and SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and drawings. When documents with these “parent/child” relationships are revised, Adept continues to track the relationships and maintains their link to the correct version. You can configure Adept so a parent file will always reference the latest version of a child, or keep it fixed on the original version when appropriate.

In some collaborative environments, it is important to track not only “major” versions, but also “minor” versions. Minor versions are a series of edits that may occur by multiple users prior to the file’s final approval. By tracking minor versions, you have the flexibility of prototyping multiple versions of a document prior to checking one in to replace the original file.

  • Ensure all users always have access to the latest version of every document
  • Automatically save as many previous versions of your documents and associated metadata as you choose
  • Ensure an audit trail for each document is maintained throughout its lifecycle
  • Make certain documents with parent/child relationships always maintain links to the correct versions
  • Adept helps control your paper output by printing watermarks to indicate the file’s status – released or under revision


AutoRevision provides a way for a company’s custom document revision numbers to be automatically incremented, based on users’ actions in Adept. Custom revision field data can be set to increment on Check In/Check Out, or Final Approval. AutoRevision is easily configured by administrators and supports an alpha or numeric numbering scheme.