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Transmittal Automation

Transmittal Automation

Communicating and tracking project and file information that you send to people who are not using Adept or who are outside the organization is critical. Adept’s Transmittal Automation feature makes the process of creating, sending, and tracking transmittals easy and fast, and reduces the chance of errors compared to paper-based transmittal processes. Transmittal forms are customizable and flexible to your environment and support the use of your own customized cover sheet. You can search for and select the documents to be sent with the transmittal from inside Adept’s controlled environment.

A relationship is maintained between the transmittal cover sheet and the documents being sent. An historical record in the audit trail shows you all activities related to the transmittals, including which documents were sent, when, and at what version. You can add and modify clients and contacts that will receive the transmittal from within the Adept environment and the Transmittal can be automatically rendered to PDF, Zipped, and emailed.

  • Make the process of creating transmittal packages fast and easy
  • Name a transmittal by typing its name or using the AutoName feature
  • Version transmittals to give you access to earlier versions of the transmittal document
  • Track and manage transmittals so they can be accessed in the future
  • Automate the creation of a transmittal coversheet, and maintain a relationship between it and the documents being transmitted
  • Distribute transmittals to one or more contacts by selecting them from a built-in address book
  • Deliver an approved or checked in transmittal to one or many recipients
  • Save a transmittal and send it through Workflow for review and approval just like any other document. If changes are required, you can check out, edit and check in the Transmittal
  • Automatically convert many document types to PDF before creating the final transmittal package
  • Create zip documents to reduce the final transmittal file size
  • Send transmittals via email or publish them to an FTP site