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Integration with Active Directory

Integration with Active Directory

Adept can import users and groups from Windows Active Directory. After users and groups are imported, the Adept administrator will grant appropriate Library Access rights. This feature provides a simple way to allow IT managers to exercise oversight of user data.

In addition, Adept can be setup to automatically poll Active Directory so when changes are made to a user account or group, the changes are automatically synchronized with Adept.

Windows Authentication

Adept users can maintain a single login for both Adept and Windows, and administrators can import and update Windows Active Directory user names and group information from within Adept. Once user names and groups are imported, an Adept administrator can easily assign user and group permissions to Adept Libraries.

There are three login authentication modes in Adept. Login modes are system-wide and are managed in a tab of the Admin Options.

  • Mode One: Adept Username and Password -Adept Usernames and Passwords are independent from the Windows domain. A user types a Username and Password and they are checked against the Adept database.
  • Mode Two: Username and Password Authentication through Windows – A user types a Username and Password and the server authenticates the Username and Password against the Windows domain. Adept does not save users’ Windows Password and requires a user to type them in for each log in session.
  • Mode Three: Authenticated Login with Username Only – If a user has selected Auto Login, Adept will try to authenticate the password during start up as long as the workstation has already been logged on to the domain, and the user has entered a valid Adept Username. If the Adept login matches the Windows login, Adept will not require a password (similar to the way Outlook works).