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Full Text & Structured Search

Full Text & Structured Search

As the volume of documents created across your organization grows exponentially, and the need to share and collaborate across departments and sites increases, the limitations of Windows Explorer as a document management solution become more obvious. Companies of all sizes struggle to solve the challenge of enabling employees to find the correct version of documents fast, regardless of their location or how they have been named.

Adept allows you to search or browse for documents based on any combination of information you know about the file(s), regardless of the file’s location on your global network. One search and you quickly find all relevant documents located anywhere.

Full Text Searching
Adept’s Full Text Search capability allows users to search the contents of documents managed by Adept, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, DWG and many others. You can use Boolean search terms like “and,” “or,” “near,” and “not” to find just the results you’re looking for. Combined with Adept’s powerful structured metadata searching, there is no limit to your ability to find the right information you need, fast.


Structured Searching
Adept can track a variety of system and custom properties about your documents, and you can search the database a number of different ways to find exactly what you are looking for.

Search Card: The Search Card contains metadata fields unique to each company. You can search any combination of these fields to find the documents you need. Because Adept automatically tracks attribute and property data contained in AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks and Microsoft Office documents, you can search for documents containing this metadata.


Quick Search: The Quick Search allows you to search a single field from the primary Adept window to find the documents you need.


FileGuide Browser: Adept allows you to find documents managed by Adept by browsing through a folder structure as you would using Windows Explorer, but with the power and security of Adept. In addition, the FileGuide allows you to browse an Explorer-like tree structure to find documents using any combination of metadata fields being tracked in Adept. Unlike Windows Explorer, users are not limited to finding documents solely based on their location on the file system. For example, one user may browse for a file by project number and document author. Another user may find the same file by browsing by client name and file extension.


  • Find documents located anywhere on your network instantly using a variety of search criteria
  • Full text search capability supports office documents, drawings, PDF’s and many other formats
  • Use Boolean search expressions (“and,” “or,” and “not”) to find exactly the document(s) you want
  • Search on system, custom fields or attributes/properties extracted from Word, Excel, AutoCAD, MicroStation, Inventor, or SolidWorks documents
  • Always find the latest version or search for earlier versions
  • Save commonly used search criteria for future use
  • Use wildcard characters to easily find specific documents
  • Refine or append search criteria to narrow down or build up your search results
  • Browse any combination of metadata fields with an Explorer-like tree structure to find documents easily
  • Browse for documents based on your existing folder structure like you do with Windows Explorer