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File Relationship Management

File Relationship Management

Adept supports two types of file relationships; the first type is focused on the built-in relationships that exist between CAD documents from AutoCAD, MicroStation, Inventor and SolidWorks documents. Adept automatically learns about all of the “parent/child” relationships that exist between these documents, first by extracting the relationship information from the file itself, and then ongoing by ensuring these relationships stay intact as documents are checked out, revised, checked in, routed through workflows, or copied. Without Adept, these critical relationships may be broken, causing expensive mistakes and adversely affecting productivity.


The second type of relationship is a “manual” relationship. Manual relationships are created among documents of any type by Adept users with appropriate permission. For example, you may create a relationship between an engineering change notice (ECN) Word document and the associated drawings, spreadsheets or documents that need to be modified in accordance with the change notice. When selecting any of these documents, you will see all parent and child relationships that are associated with it in Adept’s Document Dashboard.

Adept’s unique and powerful relationship engine gives you the power to create and manage file relationships so your organization is organized and efficient.

  • Automatically manage relationships of AutoCAD XREFs as well as MicroStation References and Inventor and SolidWorks parts, assemblies, drawings and configurations.
  • Understand where used and composed of information to understand the impact of a change – before the change is made
  • Create relationships between documents of any type
  • Ensure collections of documents are routed through workflows together, if required
  • Control whether a parent file is fixed to a specific version of a child, or if it should always reference the latest version of the child