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Flexible Data Views

Flexible Data Views

Adept has several ways it can track and display attributes or properties, also known as metadata, about your documents. This metadata is stored in the Adept database and is commonly used to find documents, reference information, and generate reports.

Every file in Adept has a property form associated with it that we call a Data┬áCard. The Data┬áCard displays the information stored in Adept’s database and allows users to populate additional information about the file. The Data┬áCard is easily configured to track the information important to you. Each Data┬áCard can contain up to eight pages of information, plus a page for a memo field and a document preview window.


Your Data Card may contain a variety of different database fields including both system and custom fields. You can link the attribute or property fields from AutoCAD, MicroStation, Inventor, SolidWorks or Office documents to your Adept Data Card to eliminate redundant data entry. Linking is done during the initial setup of Adept and the links are maintained ongoing for each document on your network. You enjoy ultimate flexibility to track whatever information is important to you, including description fields, date fields, drop down list fields, and more. Adept allows you to easily create different Data Cards for different groups of users, allowing each to see what they need, while at the same time limiting access to authorized information only.

When viewing a list of documents in Adept, metadata about the documents is displayed in columns. You can quickly see a variety of information about any collection of documents, and you have flexibility over which fields are displayed and which fields to sort on. Different column sets may be saved and accessed as required.

  • Track whatever information is important to you about your documents
  • Leverage your metadata to find documents fast and generate reports to enable improved decision making
  • Create different metadata views for different groups of users, so each sees only what is relevant and appropriate
  • Customize column sets based on the types of documents you are managing