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Check In/ Check Out

Adept’s check in / check out feature eliminates one of the most common document management challenges by ensuring that only one user can edit a file at a time. This prevents accidental overwrites and duplication of effort, while ensuring proper version control.

When a user wants to make changes to a file managed by Adept, they check out a copy to their Adept Work Area. The original file is automatically locked safely on the server. Other users across the enterprise see the file is checked out and are not able to make changes to the file until it is checked back in.

Because file editing is being done on a copy, the original copy serves as an instant backup should the changes being made need to be discarded for any reason.

  • Ensures only one user can make changes to a file at a time
  • Prevents users from overwriting each other’s work
  • Lets users across the enterprise know which documents are under revision and by whom
  • Ensures work takes place on a copy so the original remains safely intact until the changes are released
  • Ensures users always have access to the latest approved version, and that work in progress versions cannot be accessed by users who do not have appropriate permission