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Centralized Document Access

Centralized Document Access

Managing and sharing documents in a workgroup, between departments or across remote sites using folders in Windows Explorer is difficult and prone to error. The process of creating, editing, sharing and storing documents is left to each individual user and the results are chaos, wasted time, costly errors and lost productivity.

Adept serves as your single source for document access and control, enabling users to find documents located anywhere while ensuring version control, an automated approval process and an audit trail for each document throughout its lifecycle. Adept makes it easy to control access to your documents, while enabling organized, efficient document sharing and collaboration across your local or global enterprise.

Adept provides:

  • Centralized document access and control for all your business and design documents
  • Immediate access to “one version of the truth” – the latest approved version
  • Elimination of costly errors that arise from reliance on manual document filing and sharing processes
  • Savings of time, money, and confusion by eradicating email proliferation of uncontrolled documents as a means to share and collaborate, thereby also reducing email storage issues