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Batch Publishing & Printing

Batch Publishing & Printing

Adept PublishWave enables single or batch mode printing to hard copy and publishing to PDF or TIF formats directly from the Adept application. You get high fidelity, native application output quality – without having to open the file in its native application.

PublishWave is well suited for organizations that require native application output quality; tighter control over their output; or automated PDF and TIF generation when a change to a document has been made or when a document has been approved.

PublishWave Benefits and Capabilities:

  • Uses native applications to generate output, ensuring high fidelity
  • Publish and print native CAD and Office formats including AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, Word and Excel
  • Pre-configure AutoCAD output to ensure consistent quality
  • Processes requests on separate workstation to free up user
  • Publish to PDF and TIF formats
  • Print or publish any selection of documents on-demand from within Adept
  • Automate publishing upon an event in Adept including Check In or final approval
  • Publish to an Adept Library or to a network folder or ftp site
  • Adept ensures your output is generated from the correct Adept file version
  • Adept provides an Audit Trail for printing/publishing activities
  • Option to include Watermarks which indicate file’s status within Adept
  • Adept permissions determine who has rights to output which file
  • Can be used to put documents into Adept that are created by non-Adept users or external processes, such as scanned or exported documents
  • Option to include PDF security in the output PDF to password-protect opening or printing
  • Option to relate published file signed into Adept to native file used to produce output