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Adept for CAD Drawing & Document Management

Adept for CAD Drawing & Document Management

Adept supports the world’s most popular 2D and 3D CAD software, including AutoCAD, Inventor, SOLIDWORKS, and MicroStation. Many companies have multi-CAD environments and need a CAD document management system that provides optimum flexibility for managing large numbers of CAD drawings from different applications. Adept’s tight integration with the top CAD software applications is a unique advantage over other software solutions.

Adept gives CAD users all the essential document and drawing management controls from inside the CAD application, resulting in higher productivity and greater accuracy. With Adept in place, CAD users and managers have better tools to manage engineering change processes and share engineering information with enterprise business systems such as ERP, MRP, or other electronic document management systems. Here are some of the ways Adept will improve your CAD document and drawing management:

  • Ensure accurate drawing versions and engineering change control throughout the entire design process
  • Provide effective file management by tracking and maintaining complex CAD file relationships as users revise, copy, rename or move documents. Adept manages and controls AutoCAD XREFs, MicroStation Relationships, Autodesk Inventor and SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies, drawings, and configurations
  • Eliminate redundant data entry and enable users to find documents quickly by linking properties, attributes, and tags from CAD documents to Adept
  • Save money by enabling non-CAD users to view, print, markup and compare 2D or 3D native CAD documents without buying expensive seats of CAD software
  • Access document and drawing management features directly from within AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, and Autodesk Inventor applications making it easy and transparent for users to conform to document management best practices
  • Integrate with ERP, MRP or other electronic document management systems to unify enterprise systems for optimal productivity