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New Brand. Fresh Website. Big Investments: We're Transforming to Serve You Better.

Scott Lamond

Scott Lamond

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For Synergis Software, 2022 will be one of our most transformative years ever. We see so much opportunity to deliver on our mission and have a positive impact on the customers we serve. In my 30 years with Synergis, I’ve never been so excited! And we realize that to reach new heights, change is required.

To kick off our 31st year, President Kristen Tomasic, and the leadership team of Todd Cummings (VP of R&D), Mark Mahovich (VP of Service & IT), and I, have fully set into motion a plan for growth that began with incremental steps in 2020. Supported by our Board, including David Sharp (CEO), Janet Kiehart (Strategic Account Manager), and Bill Stamp (Chief Software Architect), we’re making investments to accelerate and elevate the value we deliver to customers.

As we go forward, you can, and should, expect a lot from us as a team.

First, we’re tripling the size of our software development organization. By the end of 2022, our team will have grown by 218% in just two years. This includes developers, QA staff, product managers, DevOps, SCRUM Masters, and User Experience professionals. Key leaderships roles are in place to help us refine the processes, tools, and methods we use to develop and deliver more value, faster.

With these new resources, we’re investing substantially in the Adept platform, including the upcoming release of a new, integrated visualization solution for 2D and 3D engineering designs and office formats, along with major new feature enhancements and support for new versions of mainstream CAD systems. A new Cloud version of Adept is underway for customers who want to lower their IT costs and simplify deployment and upgrades.

Second, we’ll continue to build on Synergis Software’s legacy of extraordinary, love-based service and treating customers like family. We’re expanding our customer success teams, developing an online “Adept Academy” of training videos and certifications, and we’ve formalized and launched three new services options:

Ongoing Technical Consulting - Work one-on-one with a dedicated Adept technical consultant on a regular basis to improve your Adept environment, streamline processes, remove roadblocks, and increase the value of Adept to your organization. Synergis experts will provide strategic and technical guidance on nearly any type of project to help you meet your goals.

Remote Adept Administration - Outsource the day-to-day application management and administration of Adept to our experienced technical staff to keep your resources focused on what’s most important to your business. Our managed services will help keep your Adept environment optimized and lower your operating costs.

Adept Server Hosting - Outsource the hosting of your Adept Server environment to free up IT resources, lower operating costs, and improve security. 

Our focus and investments in service and support will help us maintain the strong leadership position we hold in our market, as validated in the G2 site rankings, based on real customer reviews.   


Third, we’ve launched new Adept pricing and licensing options to give you greater flexibility. All customers on Subscription can now take advantage of much lower-priced Named User Licenses, starting at $19 per month for Adept Explorer. We’re maintaining our Concurrent License offering as well, and support a mixed environment of both Named and Concurrent licenses.

And finally, we’ve rebranded Synergis Software and the Adept engineering document management products and launched an entirely new website. The new brand aligns with our mission to transform the way you work— providing greater clarity, control, alignment, and harmony to your business— so you can accelerate engineering projects, streamline operations, reduce risk, and lower costs.

Here’s a closer look at some of the ways you might see the new logos used in our software and marketing.


Thank you. We couldn’t have arrived at this moment without 30 years of thoughtful, collaborative, and visionary support from our community and the individuals who have shaped us. We’re grateful for each and every one of you and your influence on how we think, and can't wait to work, share, and grow with you for years to come!


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