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25 Questions for Selecting a Vendor
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25 Questions for Selecting a Vendor

25 Questions for Selecting a Vendor

Eventually, every document management decision making process gets to the vendor selection phase.

And while there are many solid, qualified companies out there providing excellent document management solutions, there’s probably one that is best suited for your particular situation.

We’d like to help with this phase, but if we just provided you with the criteria that we at Synergis Software think are important, well, you might think we had slanted the criteria to our favor.

So, here’s what we’ve done: We read through several online document management forums that addressed the question of selecting a vendor. From our research, we put together a composite list of 25 Questions that a prospective document management buyer could ask a vendor during the evaluation process.

We cleaned it up, put it in handy PDF format for easy printing and reference.

Download it today: 25 Questions (PDF)