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What’s New in Adept 2017

Tune in for 30 minutes and see how this new version of Adept is changing the way people think about Document Management.

Next Live Webinar Date:
February 14th @ 2PM

The Basics of Data & Document Management

Seahorse Bioscience Reins in Unruly Engineering Documentation Practices

Learn how Seahorse Bioscience uses Adept PDM with SOLIDWORKS to support 20% growth in design and engineering.

10 Engineering Document Management Problems You Can Solve in 3 Weeks!

If you’re spending WAY too much time (and resources) trying to find, manage, share and control your engineering documents . . .
It’s time to consider Adept.

6 Critical Steps to a Data Management Implementation

Learn what it takes to plan, prepare and perform a hassle-free data management implementation for your organization.

4 Pillars of Data Management

Engineering Data Management (EDM) is an essential tool for companies that want to gain the most efficiency in their engineering processes. Watch to see how you can become more efficient in your engineering processes.

PDM: Achieve One Version of the Truth

Desktop Engineering editor, Kenneth Wong interviews Christopher Kehrs, Manager Director and Brian Walsh, IT Manager, to get the answers to how Product Data Management (PDM) became the cornerstone of their efficiency.

Overview by Industry

Adept Overview for Manufacturing

Adept helps companies automate their manual processes to streamline operations and get products to market faster.

Adept Overview for Manufacturing (Inventor and AutoCAD)

Learn how to manage your Inventor and AutoCAD data to improve your manufacturing design and processes.

Adept Overview for Manufacturing (SolidWorks)

Learn how to manage your SolidWorks data to improve your manufacturing design and processes.

Adept Overview for Utilities

Learn how to make your utility work smarter with an automated document management system.

Adept Overview for Plant Facility & Asset Management

Adept provides timesaving ways to share and control content related to new construction, renovations and plant equipment maintenance.

Adept Overview for Managing Facilities Drawings & Documents

Adept's automated workflow processes help companies meet project timelines, while keeping costs under control.

Adept Overview for Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Adept provides an easy way to manage, share and control all your project documents and information from a single, centralized database.

CAD Integrations

Adept's AutoCAD Integration

Adept's new AutoCAD integration works right inside the CAD application. Search, Check In/Check Out, Open, Insert and Replace drawings, and see status information about drawings and references.

Adept's SolidWorks Integration

The Adept Task Pane inside SolidWorks gives users the ability to Search, Check In/Check Out, Open, Insert and Replace Components, and see status information about parts, assemblies, drawings – without ever leaving SolidWorks.

Adept's Inventor Integration

Adept's new Inventor integration gives users the ability to Search, Check In/Check Out, Open, Insert and Replace Components and see the status of file relationships - without leaving Inventor.

Adept's AutoCAD Electrical Integration

Adepts integration with AutoCAD Electrical gives you the ability to import existing projects and related drawing files, extract project files, automatically create relationships between the project files and drawings, and copy and rename of projects and related drawing files.

Adept's MicroStation Integration

Adept allows MicroStation users to find & re-use existing design data, extract drawing text tags, manage and track reference file relationships, view MicroStation files right from within Adept.

Adept's KeyCreator Integration

Adept’s KeyCreator integration offers manufacturers of all sizes superior ways to search, manage, and share data among design teams. In addition Adept for KeyCreator gives companies an affordable system to streamline their engineering design and change processes, increase productivity, and reduce time-to-market.

Key Features and Capabilities

Searching & Browsing

Adept allows searching or browsing documents based on any combination of information about the file.

Transmittal Automation

The Transmittal Automation feature makes the process of creating, sending, and tracking transmittals easy and fast, and reduces the chance of errors.

Workflow Automation

Adept’s integrated workflow capabilities help organizations automate simple or complex engineering change and business processes to improve productivity.

Engineering Change Management

Learn how Adept creates automated ECO process; links your ECO to all related drawings and documents, and simplifies the review and approval process.

Adept's Version and Revision Control

Adept serves as your central point for document access and automatically ensures users always access the latest version. Adept also saves previous versions and maintains all the historical metadata throughout the product/project lifecycle.

Document Control

Adept serves as the central point for document access, automatically ensuring users always access the latest version, and maintains an audit trail for each document throughout its lifecycle.

Visualize, Markup & Compare

Adept is tightly integrated with Oracle’s AutoVue enterprise visualization software and provides native application viewing for over 450 formats.

Adept's Vaulting Methods

This animated video describes the three most common ways to vault documents in a data management system, and why Synergis took a smart, flexible, approach to vaulting in Adept.

Vault Replication with Binary Differencing

Adept Vault Replication allows multiple geographic locations to share a common Adept Vault, giving users at any location fast, local access to files. With our Binary Differencing option, only the changes between files – not the entire file –are replicated to other sites.

Related Fields

The Related Fields module allows you to create a series of dependent relationships between Adept data fields, making hierarchical searching and data entry fast, easy and error free.

Document Collaboration

Learn how you can connect and collaborate – simply and easily – with remote sites, partners, customers, and suppliers. Adept’s built-in workflow, transmittals and visualization tools deliver accurate communication between all stakeholders.

PublishWave: Integrated, Automated Publishing & Printing from Adept

An optional add-on program for Adept, PublishWave enables single or batch mode printing to hard copy and publishing to PDF or TIF formats directly from the Adept application.