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An IT Friendly Solution
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An IT Friendly Solution

An IT Friendly Solution

Want your IT staff happy? Adept is easy to use and administer. It requires little or no impact on IT. Besides that here are eight other reasons why IT will embrace Adept:

  • Adept’s smart vaulting documents provides security and control without scrambling filenames
  • It delivers out-of-box integrations with:
    • CAD applications, including SolidWorks, Inventor, AutoCAD, MicroStation
    • Active Directory
    • Outlook-to-Adept
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • Microsoft Office
  • It’s easy to import documents and metadata from folders into a database
  • It supports encrypted file transfers
  • Most Adept administration can be done by non-IT staff. . .whether it’s assigning granular-level control of user or creating group access rights
  • With Adept’s binary replication, only changes between documents – not the entire file – are replicated so network traffic is reduced
  • Concurrent licenses can be shared globally across time zones
  • It’s easy to integrate with enterprise business systems, whether it’s MRP, ERP, enterprise document management or product lifecycle management
Our clients are saying…

We needed to start moving our data into different areas to be managed by the right people, and then give access to all the people who need it — but in a controlled way. Adept has allowed us to do these kinds of global administration that would just not have been possible in the past.”
— Ruhrpumpen