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What’s New in Adept 2019

What’s New in Adept 2019

Adept 2019 is a landmark release that solidifies the solution as an enterprise application that meets rigorous security standards of IT departments while adding value for users in every department, regardless of the type of information they need to find, manage, share and secure.

Synergis understands the importance of maintaining the integrity of your data, protecting your intellectual property, and guarding against malicious attacks like Ransomware, Email borne viruses, and Phishing.  With Adept 2019, Synergis made a significant investment to improve the security of your information.  Whether you are managing CAD or engineering documents, project work, financial information, trade secrets, or proprietary methods of doing business, Adept 2019 makes your enterprise information more secure than ever before.

Adept 2019 also further expands the capabilities of web clients, including Adept Creator, Adept Reviewer and Adept Explorer, so users across the organization and externally can use Adept with minimal learning curve and no-touch deployment.

Below is an overview of some of the new capabilities and enhancements available today in Adept 2019:

New capabilities in Adept 2019

Security and Authentication Features

SSL Everywhere

With “SSL Everywhere”, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is now available throughout Adept, its components, and its products.  When enabled, data in transit is encrypted in Adept, between every single component of the solution.  This includes both database traffic and documents in transit.  SSL Everywhere is available on both the Native and Web aspects of Adept.  With this new security capability, traffic in Adept may be encrypted both outside and inside the company firewall.

With SSL Everywhere, AFS (Adept File System) Vaulting now provides a secure document transfer mechanism.  AFS is the vaulting method Synergis recommends more than any other, and is commonly used by customers to replicate vaults to multiple sites.

In addition, it is now easier to deploy the web client over SSL than in previous versions of Adept.  Whereas previously Adept required two different ports be open through the firewall, now only Port 443 is required.  We expect that this will meet expectations and simplify support from IT departments everywhere, and will streamline the configuration of SSL.

The ability to engage SSL when configuring Adept is possible in all appropriate dialogs. For more information on enabling SSL, please review the Adept Installation Guide or consult with Synergis.

Single Sign On

Adept added support for Single Sign On (SSO), connecting with a session and user authentication service (e.g. Ping Identity) that permits a user to use one set of login credentials to access multiple applications. The SSO service authenticates the end user for all the applications the user has been given rights to and eliminates further prompts when the user switches applications during the same session.

SSO has many benefits including:

  • Reduces risk – third party sites can’t store passwords
  • Reduces the number of login / password combinations
  • Reduces time entering and resetting passwords
  • Reduces IT support calls about passwords and resets

SSO ultimately makes the enterprise more secure and users more efficient.

For more information on SSO, please review the Adept Installation Guide.

New Features in Adept 2019 Web Clients

Adept’s web clients are in high demand as customers expand use of the solution to address the document management needs of other departments.  The ease of use and no-touch deployment of the web clients simplify what it takes to leverage Adept in new ways to get more from your investment.  Adept 2019 brings important capabilities from the Desktop client over to Adept Creator and Reviewer web clients.

Support for Required Fields (Reviewer, Creator)

The Required Fields feature is now supported in Adept Reviewer and Creator web clients as well as the Adept Web Server-based CAD integrations (Adept Task Pane), forcing users to fill out designated metadata fields when checking in, checking out, or approving a document to “In” status. This feature is configured to work according to the needs of each customer by the Adept administrator. Administration of this feature continues to be accomplished in the Adept Desktop Client.

Support for Autoname (Creator Only)

The AutoName feature is now supported in Adept Creator and Adept Web Server-based CAD integrations (Adept Task Pane), allowing users to select an AutoName format to assist in consistent and proper file naming. The AutoName option is available in the following commands: New Document, Rename Document, and Copy Document. Administration of the AutoName feature continues to be accomplished in the Adept Desktop Client.

Support for Update Document (Creator only)

The Update Document feature is now supported in Adept Creator and Adept Web Server-based CAD integrations (Adept Task Pane), allowing users to enable Update Document (rights permitting), make edits to Extraction Fields, and save the changes while updating the related information in the native document.

Support for publish on event WITH PUBLISHWAVE (Creator only)

Customers with PublishWave now have support for automated PDF publishing upon Sign In or Final Approval in Adept Creator and Adept Web Server-based CAD integrations (Adept Task Pane).

New Features in Adept 2019 CAD Integrations

The following new features are applicable to Adept CAD Integrations only:

New Adept CAD Integration for SOLIDWORKS 2019

Adept’s Gold-Certified SOLIDWORKS integration is now updated to support SOLIDWORKS 2019. For most SOLIDWORKS users, everything they need from Adept is available right inside the SOLIDWORKS application.  Also included is support for the new features of SOLIDWORKS 2019 where Adept is involved, including Task Pane tab customization, part configuration selection when opening in Quick View mode, and extraction of references from a de-featured part file. As with any Adept CAD integration, we recommend all users be formally trained on best practices for using the CAD integration for optimal productivity.  Videos of the Adept CAD integrations and their changes are also available.

Support for Update Document, AutoName, Required Fields, publish on event

The Adept Web Server-based CAD integrations (SOLIDWORKS 2018 and all 2019 CAD versions) support the same features noted as supported by the Adept Web Clients. Please review the information above under “New Features for Adept Web Clients” for more detail.

New Features in Adept 2019 Desktop Client

The following new features are applicable to Adept Desktop Clients only:

Administering Workflows Improvements

Numerous improvements have been made to increase performance when creating, copying, editing, and deleting workflows. Workflow locking has been improved, refreshes have been minimized, the dialog has been enlarged, filtering of the list has been added, and multi-selection is now supported where appropriate. Overall, these improvements make administration of workflows by multiple users faster and easier, especially when working with a large number of workflows.


Updated Adept Viewer

The Adept Viewer has been updated and now supports several updated or new formats, including Inventor 2019 and SOLIDWORKS 2019. This viewer also includes resolution to several reported issues.

Office 2019 Support

Microsoft Office 2019 is now supported.

Related Fields Options

Two administrator options are now available in the Related Fields configuration. One option is used to control whether users can enter free text into a Related Field or must select a value from the list of values. The other option is whether Autofill Fields are displayed in drop down list of fields or not. In both cases, the options as set apply to all Related Fields configurations and to all users of Related Fields.

Performance Improvements

We commit ourselves to increase the performance of Adept in every release, and 2019 is no exception.  Adept is now faster in several areas of the 2019 Desktop client, Web clients and the CAD integrations.  A few of the improved areas include Check In, Check Out, Final Approve, Copy, and Refresh.

New Features in Adept PublishWave 2019

PublishWave Notifications

The SMTP configuration section in the PublishWave Notifications dialog has been removed. All PublishWave notifications (including PublishToAdept) now use the same SMTP configuration as defined in the Adept Desktop Client. The On Success and On Failure configuration remains as it was in this dialog.

Minor Enhancements and Fixes

More than 100 minor enhancements and fixes have been made throughout the product suite.