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What’s New in Adept 2017. Synergis Software.

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What’s New in Adept 2017

What’s New in Adept 2017

Adept 2017 Overview

Adept 2017 is the most technically advanced version of Adept – ever.

The Adept Desktop Client has an all new user interface (UI). The original toolbars and menus have been replaced with a Ribbon and tab interface. The new UI not only reduces clicks for greater productivity, it provides easier and faster access to every command. In addition, Adept’s old multi-window interface has been trimmed down to a Single Window¬†Interface for easier navigation and less clutter.

The Adept web clients, Adept Explorer and Adept Reviewer, have been completely redesigned from the ground up using the latest web technologies.  The goals for the web clients are to:

  • shatter performance limitations
  • modernize the user interface for a better user experience
  • simplify access to information
  • deliver a responsive application that works across all devices (PC, tablet, mobile)

Changes to Adept’s underlying web technology will serve as a platform for future development, including:

  • better performance in lower bandwidth and higher latency environments
  • a single page application that eliminates page refreshes
  • a more scalable solution that will support thousands of users
  • new server side web services that let developers design new business system integrations and add new capabilities in less time
  • increased overall security

New Features in the Adept Desktop Client 2017

The New Desktop User Interface Redesign

The Adept 2017 Desktop Client simplifies the user experience.  A Ribbon replaces the static toolbar and menu system and provides fast access to most commands with a single click.

The icons in the Ribbon, Task Pane, and Data Card (formerly the Library Card) reduce clutter and provide a consistent color scheme and badge system for faster learning.


The New Adept Ribbon

You also have the ability to customize the ribbon, create your own tabs, add your favorite commands, and choose which icon to display for a command. The result? You get a personalized experience with the least amount of clicks.

You can easily share your custom creations using the Adept Share Manager.

The Adept Desktop Client interface now includes a Single Window¬†Interface. Instead of three Windows, there is a single, active application window for Favorites, FileGuide, Inbox, Library Browser, Search Results, and Work Area. To drag and drop between windows you simply drag from the active window and drop on the desired window’s navigation bar button.

The new Adept Navigation Bar

The new Adept Navigation Bar

The application window’s status bar has also been redesigned to improve usability.

The Relationship Browser is now called the “Document Dashboard” (see Terminology Changes below) and includes an auto-hide feature, which allows you to open or hide it as needed. All the standard Adept Plugins have been updated with the new user interface.

Terminology Changes

Adept 2017 includes changes to some familiar product terms, which are listed below:


Support for Autodesk 2017 Products

Adept 2017 adds support for the following Autodesk products:

  • AutoCAD 2017 (including AutoCAD Electrical and AutoCAD Mechanical)
  • Autodesk Inventor 2017
  • Navisworks 2017

Support for SOLIDWORKS 2017 Products

Adept 2017 adds support for the following SOLIDWORKS products:


Support for Office 2016 Products

Office 2016 products (Word, Excel, Outlook) are now supported by Adept 2017. The Outlook to Adept Add -In has also been updated to support Outlook 2016.

Adept Integration with Kubotek KeyCreator

Adept 2017 now provides an Adept PlugIn for Kubotek KeyCreator. Adept helps KeyCreator customers find and re-use design data, control versions, automate workflow processes, collaborate across sites and with external partners, and ensure document control and security.¬† The integration also displays “where used” and “composed of” file relationship information.¬† Click here to learn more.

SOLIDWORKS BOM Automation Enhancement

The BOM Automation PlugIn has been enhanced to support extraction of a SOLIDWORKS BOM within a SolidWorks assembly or drawing.

Child Check Out Enhancement

The Child Check-Out PlugIn now includes radio button and check box settings that are saved from one login session to the next. This option can be managed from within the Workstation PlugIn configuration.

New Full Text Search

Adept’s Full Text Search has been rewritten for faster performance and easier setup.

PDF Extraction Enhancement

The PDF Extraction PlugIn, which enables Adept to extract properties and thumbnails from PDF documents, now allows the administrator to control the size of the thumbnails for the best balance of thumbnail size and thumbnail quality.

Related Fields Included with Adept Desktop and Adept Reviewer

Adept 2017 Desktop and Reviewer clients now include the Related Fields PlugIn.  Related Fields allows you to define hierarchical relationships or dependencies between data fields in your Adept Data Card. Based on the selection you make at the top level; it determines the options at each sub-level. Related Fields can also automatically populate fields based on what is selected at the top level.  The result?  Data entry is faster, easier and more automated.

New Features in Adept 2017 Web Clients

The New Adept Explorer and Adept Reviewer User Interface (UI)

The new Adept web client UI is completely redesigned to optimize user experience on the web. The result is a fresh, new take on accessing documents and data stored in Adept.

The Adept Web Client Home page provides fast access to Search, Saved Searches and Favorites the moment you login. The Quick Search is anchored in the new web UI, making it easy for users to find data in a single operation.


The Adept Web Client Home page


Both casual users and power users will find the new web clients easy to use and navigate.

Mobile Support

The new web client UI is designed to work seamlessly across devices, including PC’s, tablets and smartphones. At release, iPads are supported with additional device support to follow.

Adept Explorer and Reviewer Capabilities

Adept Explorer and Reviewer provide generally the same functionality as the original web clients, along with some important new features.

New: Upload/download documents

Upload is an Adept Reviewer feature that allows you to upload documents documents from outside Adept into Adept to a folder designated by an administrator. The designated folder can be configured as an Adept Work Area or as a PublishWave watched folder. As a PublishWave watched folder, uploaded documents are automatically checked in based on PublishToAdept settings.

With Upload and Download fully supported, clients can use Adept as a replacement for uncontrolled file transfers such as FTP sites and Dropbox folders. With Adept, documents that are uploaded and downloaded are version correct and the upload/download operations are recorded in the Adept Audit Trail.

New: Related Fields included with Adept Reviewer

Adept Reviewer now includes Related Fields, which was previously a limited option in the Desktop client.

Platform Enhancements to Adept 2017

Web Services

The Adept 2017 web clients are built using Adept’s new Synergis.WebAPI. Web services are also available to clients with a current Subscription and/or Maintenance Agreement. Authorized partners and clients can use the new web services for business system integrations, intranet/portal integration, dashboards, and reporting. Or, you can build your own new killer application using Adept Web Services.

Adept's web services let you easily create custom applications.

Adept’s web services let you easily create custom applications.

Scalable Server Architecture

In Adept 2015 and earlier, a single Adept Server brokered all connections to Adept. Adept 2017 offers enhanced scalability so that customers now have two application servers working in parallel to serve users. In future releases as Adept use increases, clients can easily add additional web application servers to serve thousands of users.

Support for Additional Languages

Shortly following the initial release of Adept 2017, all Adept products will be available in six languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese.

New Features in Adept PublishWave 2017

Support for Autodesk 2017 Products

Adept PublishWave 2017 adds support for the following Autodesk products:

  • AutoCAD 2017
  • Autodesk Inventor 2017