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Collaborate Across Departments & Geographic Locations

Collaborate Across Departments & Geographic Locations

If you’re using Windows Explorer for file sharing and collaboration, you already know about this nightmare. There’s no single version of the truth. So sharing is frustrating and it’s time consuming. And collaboration on large CAD or assembly documents is painfully slow. Plus, using email for collaboration provides zero version control, which leads to complete chaos.


Adept makes it easy to replicate data vaults to ensure users everywhere have fast local access to the latest version of the documents they need to collaborate. It ensures everyone is working from a single version of the truth. It cuts out manual file processes and reduces errors and takes your documents out of the email version control nightmare. Most importantly, it frees your people to be more creative and productive and let them focus on what they do best.

67% of data loss is directly related to user blunders, making them 30 times more menacing than viruses, and the leading cause of data loss.